Real Time Strategy

So generally i think theres a fair few of you that like rts games and with eve being well eve i believe having some sort of rts ingame might actually be popular; im not going to flesh it out too much at the moment as i would go heavily into details and… well it would take a lot of time which would be wasted if not implemented (which is likely)

The whole thing could be kept as a simple pve game fighting off sansha incursions on the ground with various tanks, aircraft and troops. Over time these could be fleshed out more to be more modular, vehicles could simply use the same modules as eve ships (think hardners, small guns and micro items rather than anything too big) other stuff could include:

*troop transports that can pick up militants or other ‘livestock’ type troops from stations for adding to your army

*localized fighters (only able to fly over the planets atmosphere instead of all out space faring)… which is probably something that would have worked well with valkyrie?
Im going to stop here because…

If i am to be honest, a tactical rts that would tie into eve could be quite complex even in its simplest form but one other item i thought about was some sort of secondary espionage game, a fps i suppose somewhat similar to splinter cell; imagine you could hire a spy or sapper to do ‘unthinkable’ things and have it not only running around on a battlefield but also infiltrating pi installations, customs offices or whatever; nothing really game changing like blowing them up from the inside but if successful and depending on character type you could steal, up taxes or destroy/disable small stuff; not enough to make a true difference but enough to be annoying.

Its a small idea, theres more bouncing around inside my head but i just wanted to float a basic premis and tell ccp i think its time for the real time planetside strategy game :stuck_out_tongue:

Eve is a strategy game where the competition is provided by other players rather than the AI. Whether you play for the economic simulation and plan your production and market strategy or the combat simulation and plan your military and political strategy (or both) it’s what keeps a lot of us hooked on the game for years.

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i think you missed the point here tbh
Missed it entirely to be frank…

No. Eve is a PVP strategy game - even highsec care bears who have never fired a shot and never want to, compete in player driven markets when they buy and sell stuff. Miners need to decide where to work, what to harvest, refine or compress the ore, where to sell -
a lot of planning that will impact the risk they accept and the reward they receive.

Trying to make Eve anything else is a waste of time and resources. CCP have already gone down that road - it cost them a lot of money and a lot of goodwill. Some players are still upset that they abandoned the project.

The AI will continue to improve but I doubt it will ever “think” beyond the current tactical situation and there really isn’t any need - that’s what players are good at. My strategic planning horizon is about 6 months - I’m thinking about where I want to be when Fanfest arrives next year and some people plan a lot farther into the future than I do - it takes time to build a super capital fleet!

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Hard to imagine a normal rts scaling for tens of thousands of players.

Perhaps as a standalone game many, many years from now.

i dont know why dr do little there keeps spamming adverts for eve online…

and an rts like dune 2 or cmmd and conquer but on the planet, i dont really see whats hard to imagine tbh, please explain?

i’ll reiterate…
i have been

*playing over ten years
*heavily into pvp
*heavily bored of pve content
*have a love of strategy games - eve online is nothing like an rts…
*fully aware that if the world is programmable anything is possible…
*able to fc
*able to solo
*able to play the market
*able to run any site, mission or other solo if possible (thats solable content not stuff like incursions, can u imagine running high end incursions solo…)
*a sadly highly experienced eve online player
*have been sat around all morning for several days with very little of interest going on in eve as the playerbase is not at its peak and space is quiet af…

Why is it every time i post on the forums i end up having to write a cv for people who clearly have no interest in discussion or debate? go away trolls jebus… or come find me in curse… finding me in curse is preferable to be fair.

i would so play this, i mean if your basically a general of an army fighting of sanshas on the planet that would be awesome as i dont really like the pvp aspect in regards to strategy; you have to be a major fc in a major alliance to realy take part in it and that takes a lot of time and effort, this looks like something i could do when im not hauling, doing pi or running through market orders; i mean i loved dune3, c&c, imperium galactica and all that!!

What you are describing is dust 514 op.
It was supposed to run in real time alongside Eve where you could shoot up into the sky and kill ships in Eve and board Titans and stuff and the better planetary merc Corp won on behalf of their capsuleer benefactors.

But CCP started a cheapo outsourced studio in Shanghai and (aptly) ran the idea into the well… ground.
Game never even left the alpha stage sadly.

There’s actually a hextile risk style table top game ccp made. It’s very simplistic but turn based. It could easily be mad into a lobby style strategy game with matchmaking and more depth.

It was actually supposed to be an activity in Wis but another broken promise :frowning:
It was also shortly included in PShome, there was an Eve themed bar and you could walk around the station and look out into space and see ships coming into dock. Was really cool.

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CCP is incapable of executing this idea. If you’ve really been around for 10 years, you’d know this by now.

Even if CCP was capable of making this, you still have business issues with this. Where’s the money? Considering what the cost would be in making this there has to be a corresponding increase in revenue. Best case scenario is that it wouldn’t affect subscriber numbers at all (neither new subs nor retention) and it would distract from actual in-space play, assuming it doesn’t get ignored by the playerbase entirely. You are obviously aware that there are a ton of RTSes out there, even though the genre hasn’t mattered in 15 years. Why should I play an RTS minigame, when I can play a full featured RTS?

A situation I would support: if a dev spent their 15% time (do they still do that at CCP?) making a standalone mobile game.

If you lead a large enough group of players, the game pretty much turn into a RTS where you will do more high level commanding/coordination while “units” below you do the actual fighting.

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You don’t explain your ideas, at all. You drop a concept and then whine when players are not sure or have different ideas about what you’re trying to sell.

You never said that this game was not going to be part of eve online. It’s details like this that you always leave out of your posts for some reason.

And thats why no one knows what the ■■■■ you’re talking about.

I’ve been play xcom lately and have been thinking how cool an xcom style eve game would be, keeping it to small unit tactics.

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I would much much rather CCP just develop an RTS rather than try to jam one into EVE

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the money?
simplify, make it payable from iphones etc; you have to use pc to organize fittings, doctrines, etc but should be able to play a rts on a phone.
there are hundreds of little ways to make money on things like this, skins, orbital barrages, one use battle tech; hell you could even pay for weather that ‘harasses’ your enemies game play if you wanted to pvp with it but id say settle for simple and tie it into eve with various things, eve is the cash cow, get people playing the rts, get the goods/troops/tanks or whatever needed to move by eve players, courier contracts… seriously possibilities are endless.

Also… dust was not an rts, it was an fps; kind of a big difference tbvh…

if only i could program…

I can imagine planet based turn based strategy but not RTS… Also I can imagine ppl ditching 10000000x tank on your tiny army. So it would have to be corporation based + you would need to supply units with food or else they would start dieing to keep some ballance.
garrisoned forces could have 1/4 supply demand. deployed full demand. Planetary structures would cost regular maintanance money

I can think this thru to the most tiny detail but CCP wount implement this theyll rather to some fail thing like resource wars

Or Dust 514/Project Nova

Just start. You’ll start writing trash, but you’ll learn. Eventually, it’ll stop being trash, and it’ll start being good.

Literally every amazing programmer in human history did this. Nobody is ‘born’ with programming expertise.

There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t follow the same path.