I think the game might be improved by a top-down RTS-style view for fleet commanders

I’m sad to admit it since I like my corp members, but my null sec experience so far has been rather disappointing. I was hoping for large epic fleet battles but what I got was mostly guys warping around each other in two giant blobs, trying to get cheap shots in without fully engaging, talking trash until one side tucks up its tail and leaves.

I think one of the reasons this happens is that it’s usually hard to get more than one charismatic FC going for most battles and as this guy is just flying around in a normal ship like everyone else, it is difficult to impossible for one guy in a regular ship to coordinate any complex actions for large numbers of people.

Aside from this arrangement arguably causing some gameplay content issues, I think that thematically it also doesn’t make sense. The general, admiral or commander in a large battle like this is usually depicted as looking at some kind of map/screen, not warping around at the front of a mass of ships with 20 Feroxes following him, telling everyone to remember to align.

So, let’s imagine what it would be like with a top-down RTS view of the battlefield. You could set markers for different wings to fly to and it would put a symbol on the map and attempt to auto-warp each wing to that location. And instead of the dances we currently have, people might actually get to engage in fights more consistently. It might be sort of like the RTS/FPS game Savage from many years ago if anyone remembers that.

I know there’s some gameplay in setting up your bookmarks ahead of time that would be lost like this but good players probably have those set up 90% of the time anyway, so it’s not much of a loss.

And you could do all of that at a whopping 2 frames per second due to tidi…


Homeworld is a better example. The major difference is, eve players would be a lot worse at following directions than homeworld units. :stuck_out_tongue:

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