Player Owned NPC Corps/Fleets Idea

This is The Suggestion of An Idea To Make The Game Eve Online More Fun To Play.

The Concept is That You Should Be Able To Have Your Alternative Characters on Accounts Be NPC Controlled But Player Owned And Able to Join a Player Owned NPC Corp, That Can Be Joined into a Fleet With Yourself or Have Your Alts And Friends Alts in Their Own NPC Corp/Fleets To Automatically Do Things Like Mining, Planetary Interaction, Moving M3 Weight From A To B, Fly Combat Ships And Be an NPC Controlled Combatant In a Fleet, Or Other Things A Regular Character Could Do Logged in But Controlled By The Computer.

It Should Be Able To Have an Align The Whole Fleet At Once Option, Warp Squad/Wing/Fleet At Once, As In The NPCS Would Follow The Fleet And Its Broadcasts. They Could Have a Focus Fire Setting And Fulfill The Role Given to it If The Mechanics And Settings of it Could Be Made Into The Fleet Window.

Please Consider My Idea For Eve Online, I Believe It Would Be a Very Nice Addition to Your Game That Could Be Refined And Made Great.

Thank you.

Please do not capitalize every word in your sentences - it legitimately makes your text harder to read.

Hard no on the suggestion itself. Bots are a violation of game rules. They make the game massively imbalanced and take away from the ‘player’ part of the game. Hiring ‘mercenary’ NPCs also takes away from the ‘player’ focus in this game.

This is EVE. It is not, and should not be, any other game - no pets, no mercenaries, no hirelings, none of that stuff. It has no place in a player-driven sandbox-derived MMO.

Who types like this?

And just use Drones, you can launch 5 of them.

My Eyes Are Bleeding From Every Word In The Paragraph Being Capitalized

No joke, I pasted this into a “to lowercase” website to make it easier to read.

Anyway, EVE does not require NPC mercenaries in any way, shape, or form. It is bad enough that blue diamond rats exist. The only thing such NPCs would enable is krabbing, less player-player interaction, and a single player wielding a disproportionate amount of power and influence over other players (which is already a problem with ship balancing - now you want to extend it to NPC mercs? Absolutely not.

This idea…and maybe the OP needs to die in a fire(in game of course).


No, I want to play EVE Online not Bot Online thank you very much.

Also thanks for making my eyes bleed from the atrocious capitalisation.

Suspected troll honestly. @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can you do us a flavour and can this?

Botting is bannable.
The way you type is disgraceful.

This is a terrible idea.

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No pets.

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