Hired NPC Mercs

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I’m new to this and not sure if this has been raised
I was thinking that it would be good if players could hire NPC Mercs for protection and escorts etc etc
Cost could be based on make up of merc force and wether hi/low/null sec operations and experience/level of merc force
It could be used to protect mining fleets help in missions or ratting etc
May not work so well in PVP

Let me know your thoughts

You could spend your status to call on NPC fleets to come help you out. for instance, fighting a higher level angels site, use your Republic Fleet standings as currency to call in reinforcements.

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And put players out of business?

No, terrible idea, learn to play with other HUMANS.


There are players for this that will give you more realistic pricing and more interesting politics.

Npc’s should not do jobs that players can do. And absolutely no pets in eve. Otherwise everyone will use them.

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There will always be solo players

And those solo players can deal with the consequences of their choice to be solo players.

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I’d change this to no PvP pets in EVE. I can see viable design space for story-based PvE-only NPC allies, as long as the costs are balanced and those allies can not contribute to PvP. For example, the suggestion of being able to spend LP to call in assistance in a mission could be fair if the cost of doing so made it a last-resort option and doing the mission without assistance is the more profitable choice. No players are being replaced because no player is going to take a contract to come help you with your mission.

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Yep that was more my thinking PVE definitely not PVP
I spent a lot of time early on solo PVEing by the time I got to level IVs I’d invite other players (noobs) etc to salvage or fight
I think there’s a potential gap to be filled for the PVE/Solo player :grin::+1:t3:

How is that going to work ui wise?

And players do help eachother with missions.

How would what work? For calling them in you could make a “HALP BUTTAN” deployable item that you can buy from the LP store. It’s a one use item that summons NPC allies (ship types determined by the tier of support you bought) when deployed, and those NPCs attack any NPCs opposed to the player that summoned them. Or maybe you just add a separate UI section like carriers have for controlling fighters. For making them PvE only you don’t bother with UI limits, you just make them never engage any player ship, period, even if attacked by a player. I don’t see how anything I suggested there creates any UI difficulties.

And players do help eachother with missions.

Yeah, ok, occasionally you get a random stranger to take on a charity case. I don’t think this is a meaningful enough interaction that we need to worry about replacing it, especially when the replacement would cost ISK and still be less desirable than begging in local for someone to help you for free.

That’s fine, but they should not be entitled to survive 1vMany. That’s not fair to the many who have every right to PvP.

I would agree with the premise…
If someone else could hire some opposition NPCs to sabotage a mission :wink:

There shouldn’t be consequences of choosing to be a solo player or a PVE player
It’s a considerable and necessary part of EVEs economy
Eve needs to evolve and attract new players and maybe that means content that PVPers won’t like/use

Just going to stop you right here and say that this is utter nonsense. EVE is a game where your choices have consequences, period. If you choose to play solo then you don’t have the resources of players who organize into groups.

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Let’s agree to disagree

And they will always be at a disadvantage in EVE.

Don’t try to make up for anti-social with NPC pets protecting you.

Sorry but I thought the whole point of Eve is that it’s all pvp possible. Everyone here has been a noob at some time. Shed the same clones and felt that things would be easier if they had friends to call on. Join a Corp - make friends - after all this isn’t guildwars

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