Ability to rent the NPC miners

I mean all that ores go’s nowere so why can’t we rent them out as a task forces for us

For one, because that’s what players are for.

For another, they don’t actually mine the rocks anymore.

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thought they still did but even then why not

What you mean, some days ago I saw some diamond ventures with lasers.

They don’t actually remove anything from the rock anymore (or if they do it’s a miniscule amount). Got changed a while ago.


" Ability to rent the NPC miners"

You mean like…get them so sing YMCA over the Jita intercom ?

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No need to make NPCs take over a task that players fill in this MMO.

You can pay other players to mine for you, if that’s what you’re asking. Or you could buy the ores directly from those players on the market.


But for those who “Just want to chill in HS”, it would be perfect.

For the right price, CCP may look into it. Charge heavy, NPCs don’t fk around.

At this point, they might as well.

All residents of New Eden need recourses to built ships, that includes NPCs :wink:

So why not cut out the middleman and just have npc’s mine for us? Better to rent them to players.

Then I can just pop the NPC miners without Concord intervention. Brilliant…

Is what the latest player base seems to want.

That’s what the X games are, no resources, no power. Only thing them NPC factions have are infinite deep wallet.

That’d make Eve Fortnite in space

Judging by the talents of CCP’s development team, they might just go with making it that way (the least troublesome, but most surely to fail)…if they ever considers such proposal.

I don’t think it’s such a bad idea fundamentally, I’ve suggested similar in OP’s other thread, I do emphasize repeatedly though, on careful planning and implementation where risk and reward “CAN” still matter. A simple system that is mere iteration of existing mechanics will never cut it, but it is likely the only method CCP will go to “IF” they ever seriously considering it. Of course, I’m not counting on suggestions ever being considered because we know well of CCP’s operating philosophy.

Never played it but eve is probably already there.

Which is now to make money. Can’t say I blame them, but it killed a nitch game. So be it.

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I do like the idea of renting npcs for various tasks. Mostly because it would be a great isk sink for large organizations.

Mining is not one of those things though, unless the amount they could mine was extremely low and occupied your account at the same time. But even then, people seem to really like the idea that (almost) everything ship related in the game was produced by minerals that were mined by players.

If it makes money, then it isn’t a sink.
If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

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corps and alliances could rent them from npc merc organizations to protect their infrastructure. Obviously there would need to be a cap on how strong they could be.