More player control

I posted a few days ago about giving player corps the ability to setup radio antennas in null-sec to create local and it got me thinking about other things that would be cool to see players have control over.

What if a corp could hire an NPC security force similar to Concord? The more they hire, the higher the security level of the system. Obviously it would have to have a high price but a player owned corp could truly gain sovereignty over a system. It’s not like there’s any shortage of systems out there, so why not allow players full control of a few?

I know it couldn’t be as simple as my description and a lot more would have to be considered but what would the downsides or negative effects be of this type of mechanic?

Idea of null sov is to force players to defend your system. If you can’t do this by yourself or your alliance you are not ready to have sov.


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