Ability to hold sov being directly connected to player's activity

Here is a small idea of how to spawn more conflict in 0.0 while driving player’s engagement.
It’s a big change, and even I am not sure it’s a good one, so I love to hear some feedback/criticism.
The end game is to de facto make Alliances in what the name suggests - Alliances, not mega corporations, and give the sov control of individual pieces of alliance space to corporations.

I propose that the ability to control the sov by a corporation in a 0.0 system should be directly connected to the corp members activity in that system (pretty much how both real life and the lore behind high-sec/low-sec mechanics work).

For example, if there were no corporation members in given system in the last 7 days (arbitrary number, may be too short), the structures should have no reinforcement cycles and just pop when attacked.

If corps hold the sov, that means there is a lot of space for greed and politics. And it requires to keep the alliance actually engaged in the game to keep going, instead of rewarding it for just mass recruitment of f1 pushers. And that means good fights and interesting politics.

Edit: Oh and i think it goes without saying that requires far lower member cap for corps. Like, there is literally no reason for 12k member corps, being that maximum size of social group is 125. Like cap it at 1k. Anything about that is just making a single member totally insignificant, and thats not fun.

I don’t know enough about null to really comment, as I’ve only lived in NPC null before for a short while.

I do approve of player engagement.

I can’t help but feel tho this is secretly biased and somehow a nerf to something you don’t agree with :smiley:

Well I just feel that currently EvE is designed like a job. Most people in 0.0 do things that are actually quite simple, they are easily replacable and their actions don’t matter only to provide gameplay for few blob directors that actually do play politics - which is what this game is really about - greed and conflict over resources.

I want sov to reflect the actual day-to-day control the group of players have over the system, not just the number of supers they can drop during the vulnerability window.

Edit: And to clarify, by group of players I don’t mean the blob directors, I mean the actual players that live in that system.

Edit2: Like, imagine the dynamics it introduces. Everyone wants the best systems in the region, but they also have to take care of logistics and stuff, and they can’t be everywhere at once. And they actually have to make deals to make it happen. Like, there is a ton of new things to fight about, which right now are just cut out of the game by alliance sov mechanics.

So, there are already activity defense multipliers that serve a similar function, and they are already gamed by sov holding entities. For example, I’ve participated in ADM fleets where we would go around ratting in systems just to raise their multipliers. I guess ADM’s do encourage some fighting, as guys will hunt PvE’ers in order to disrupt them. But, I feel like more of this will just result in more busy work for the guys that manage this kind of stuff for their organizations. In addition to ADM’s, you’d now have to make sure the right alts visit the right systems.

And, yeah, when it comes to mechanic changes, you have to evaluate them from the perspective of the autistic no-lifers. For example, a guy recently proposedpenalties to fleets above a certain size in order to discourage blobbing. But the try hards of nullsec wouldn’t just embrace smaller fleets, especially if it meant losing their advantage. Thus, the end result would just be more cat wrangling and burnout for FC’s as they would now have manage multiple fleets.

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