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Would it be possible to make the objects in the game orbit their parent bodies, e.g. make planets orbit their stars and stations orbit planets?
Also, I and some other players think it’d be awesome and really helpful to be able to recruit NPC’s to fleets, for defense while mining for example.

That does sound cool, but what does that bring to the game? I’m all for it, but maybe not as much if CCP could spend the developer time doing something else more impactful.

You already kinda have that.

CONCORD will show up and defend you if another player attacks you without a reason, and you can earn the trust of the diamond NPCs who will give you remote reps and shoot people negative to them on grid. What more NPC help do you need?

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Say I go mining, I would like to be able to call an NPC fleet to defend me on demand instead of waiting to get shot at by another player. Defense against rats mostly, especially if my drones get overwhelmed.

I love the little immediate contradiction in the next sentence.

I just want to be able to get defense against really powerful rats that I otherwise would be no match for.

Sorry, but you’re not gonna get that in this game.
Make some friends and ask them to protect you.


Defence against players or NPCs, which is it?

You already have defence against another player. CONCORD will put a stop to any attack in seconds. Plan your defensive strategy around that and you are fine.

Rats are pretty feeble - I’m not even sure they can even kill a modern mining barge. Well, ok, the diamond rats can, but as I said you can make them your friends already if you earn standing with them.

But ok, how would this mechanic work? You pay per hour for NPCs to stay on grid and shoot anyone not in your fleet?

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Never mind, then. I just need to get better at defending myself against rats.

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If you are having problems, just get a Procurer. The tank and drone bonus will handle any normal rat even if you are not at your keyboard. A Venture maybe not not, but you can just warp away from any threat if you are paying attention.

The diamond rats might still wreck you but look here to see how they work:

Edit: And if you are in A Venture, keep your speed up and orbit something you should still be able to handle any basic rats in highsec with your two drones.


He didn’t whine and understands the problem. +1 for that. :grinning:

I gotta reorganize my links so I don’t have to wait for someone else to link them for me. :roll_eyes:

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It gets suggested everynow and then but does it really add anything to the game?

Absolutely no pets.

Hiring players provides more agency.

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This is part of the original design. Yes, It is possible and it is implemented at the moment, but i think the objects at this point are moving much slower then they use to.

You could validate this by dropping a book mark named test and waiting a month or so and see if its still 10k from a gate or something, but im fairly sure the objects are still orbiting.

Any fast level of orbit would stress the servers most likely, and would cause game-play issues.

You truly live in a dream world, Noori.


the only problem is any of us that have played this game for a prolong peroid know this factually as we saw situations where over a few months bookmarks would be 100-200km off what they were originally, invalidating them and causing them to have to be replaced.

so it seems that im not the one living in a dream world.

Kid, please stop lying. What is it with you and your compulsive need to lie like this? It’s such a sad sight.

If they did, my insta-undock from 2013 in amarr would not have worked every time it was used, including yesterday. It’s an easily falsified claim, which is falsified every day by the use of insta-undocks more than a few days old.

As i said

“anyone that has played for a prolong period”, Im talking about the old days, before 2010. Your 3 years off.

There has been a great many things removed from eve over the years. Another one was explosions doing damage, and before that ships broken into pieces and lagged the crap out of the game (also dealing damage).

Many changes like these, and the orbiting bodies have been reduced, or removed completely from the game (ie likely commented out).

Just ask old players, they will tell you about it, and about how people use to fly around making instant warps (and selling them) to gates (etc) over and over because of orbiting bodies moving the objects away from bookmarks.

7 years is a prolonged period.
You need to make actual explicit timestamps of things more than about a year old.

This isn’t the case @Noori_Naarian.

I come back to old bases after years of playing else where but the book marks haven’t moved.

Insta-undocks, a common tactic for escaping station camps, simply wouldn’t work if the station, or the moon they were attached to, moved.

That last paragraph is a good reason to keep things as they are in fact. So peoples book marks don’t need updating every few days. That would be tedious work.

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You are also a 2010 player. Did you read my post?