New Features, Ships and More (NPC Drone Expansion)

Welcome, everyone!

Here is a short list of ideas of what should be in the new “drone region space only”. I think it’s time we add a new NPC section in the drone region with much-needed new content. This expansion would feature live events, new ships, and drone poo makes its return! (Mutated Ores)| There have been long talks about adding new stuff into the game, which made the most sense to attack to add new stuff.

New region and making it harder for intel unless you check it out!
New NPC systems in drone reagions
Removal of (intel system) (tracks NPC kills, jumps etc)
Local chat turned off - no intel system

New ways to travel in space
No Stargates between solar systems
Sun to sun warping

New Mining Locations
Mining from Planets Rings! (Think of Saturn)
Space Comets which can be mined

New Ways of Mining Ores
Moons that have ice rocks or bust them up for cloud mining!
Removal of asteroids to static belts

Build old to new ships
Mutated ore to build Mutated ships
Drone Poo makes its return! (Mutated Ores)|

New Events and Control Systems for these Powerful Rig Stations!
NPC Controllable Stations with Powerful Bounes (None Destructible Capturing System)
New Event Mode “Mutated Drones”

Talk is cheap bro

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