Loot tricks

The align time is not so important here, you have plenty of time to setup. The key is the correct execution of loot/warp, so you are not pointed when going suspect. Of course the slower the freighter the easier this becomes. The counter can be to bump the freighter in the right moment.

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What kind of cargo are we talking thpugh that an Orca is too small?

Bigger containers with ships and stuff inside.

Ok I getcha.

Is there a reason now to put ships in cans?

Asking for a friend

To separate deliveries? I don’t know, I’m only shipping lots of Tritanium around if in a freighter. :wink:

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Does it avoid having to ‘launch’ a ship from a wreck?

Though that would seem only to help the supa scoopa

It isn’t much of a debate. One side is creating content and the other is a bunch of complete retard betas who like to think they’re a counter weight, but in reality are just a bunch of complete idiots flailing around failing nonstop being completely irrelevant

You’re so dumb lol

You don’t understand how webbing works outside doing it from cloak do you? :rofl:.

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Waiting for @Anderson_Geten to go full autism mathmatics on your booty…


Anderson is that kid who likes to go around flagging everyone’s post because someone called her a bot-aspirant and it was triggering.

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I’m doing the number one (GTFO method) for some time and I either I’m too stupid or it’s really a not too effective way to earn ISK, except for newbies lootin’ wrecks in Trig sectors.

Sounds legit

Def not mad at looters no sir

I do want to finalize my ganking / anti-ganking research on loot retrieval.

The last loot option for the big hauls is to bring a freighter, eject enormous containers, let the middle man put the stuff in from the yellow wreck, the freighter scoops the containers and gtfo. Only the middle man (can be in a noob ship) gets suspect. 100% effective, 0 risk.

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