15 sec non docking timer for suspects

If criminals have 1 minute why can suspects get a 15 sec non docking timer. Also make it so wrecks/cans have to be locked to loot.

This was suggested already.

Gankers, who I suppose you are aiming this at, will simply use a “mediator” alt, which will scoop the loot, then drop it and then the “real looter” picks it up.

Seriously I have nothing against this, but it is easy to game and the only thing that happens is that it changes meta from “any ship with large cargo” to “armor tanked praxis”.

Which might be a good thing, and it nerfs the pesky ninja looters that are taking my loot so ok go I am for it.

All it will change is they will use sub 2 sec cheap frigates to loot just as quick as before then right after use hotkey click to warp to a station or celestial then bounce to a safe then bounce to an instadock bm and dock up right away. They can bounce between safe spots as needed until their docking prevention timer is up and due to their quick align time it is almost impossible to catch them.

For somewhat larger cargo capacity they might use a fairly cheap Sunesis that can also easily achieve sub 2 sec and can get considerable cargo space as well.

Thats also a possibility, I am doing it this way already, but it is not very suitable method for station camping gankers.

Still, even though this can be done, there is still a possibility unlike now where they dock before you can lock or even shoot.

Both tanked praxis or align-loot-warp strategies allows some interaction - bumping the praxis our of dock range, catching the looter at the celestial he warps to (or at his bookmark). That means more content, doesn’t it?

If they are half competent you won’t get more content out of it is what I was pointing out.

I am pointing out that not everyone is half competent (especially not random ninja looters/opportunists) and that mistakes do happen.

I understand that but ninja looting in front of Jita for example where this is really a scenario due to the large number of people involved (elsewhere it is even easier to get away) does not require much skill to perform well just some practice and properly arranged GUI to make it even easier and faster. (Even if the person is not using scripts to begin with which case would make no difference just alter the script.)

So mistakes wouldn’t happen too often in my opinion. (Saying this as someone who did this for a long time on my Jita thief alt and during that time also observed other people doing it.) So in my estimate it wouldn’t happen much more often someone makes a mistake. Of course this is just that a personal estimate.

If anything lag or other technical difficulties would be more likely to cause issues or “mistakes” but based on the same observations I mention above it feels just as unlikely to happen any more often than before which is barely ever if at all according to my experience.

So as it would just mean a couple extra clicks why I think it would just make no noticeable difference in practice. Once they warped off catching a sub 2 sec ship is virtually impossible. Even at a well set up gatecamp you need specialized ships to do it and scanning them down while they warp between safespots even if you do it fast enough by the time you get there they are long gone but even if you were there by the time you (would) lock them they are gone and even if the lock lands the scram or point takes a it of time to land as well.

So in my opinion this would make no real difference if any.

This has nothing to do with a criminal timer and everything to do with a Weapons Timer.

It is a repeat behavior that people come to the forums with their “great” ideas about timers and it is plainly obvious that they don’t even understand the status quo.

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