Broken target locks

Sometimes sitting outside jita and shooting criminals and suspects is fun. That said when you see people who are about to steal loot and target them, the lock is broken immediately once they become suspect, and since the wrecks they loot are always in docking range, you can’t even relock and shoot them before they are already docking… they commit an act that causes a limited engagement timer, but the they can’t be engaged because they are already in the process of docking. either make it so they have a 30 second timer where they cant dock like a shorter version of a weapons timer, or stop breaking the lock. you are rewarding thefts and making it way to easy for them. oh but if they undock…they dont they get on an alt while they wait and rinse and repeat.

normal game behaviour. Docking games.

OP Why don’t you simply get your easy kills from shooting people that don’t dock, like AFK miners?