10 second looting timer before wreck appears for all?

When I suspect bait or do a duel jita or amarr., usually a exploration frigate or other ship is able to take the loot before I can even open the wreck, and immediately docks.(because I have to worry about other players when suspect or station games when dueling, or out of range) Also, in PVE valuable drops stolen before the tractor can get to it. It should appear only to the person who got the kill and the fleet and corp and alliance. However, after 10 seconds, the wreck will appear and others can take with the suspect penalty. This would also apply to suicide ganks (even though the wreck is usually yellow to all) and low/null (because you can still dock or be aligned to a safe/citadel). This would still allow loot theft and ninja salvaging, but allow a fair chance to the person who got the kill.


Why would a wreck be invisible? Does it have a cloaking device or something?

Makes no sense from a gameplay or lore perspective. If you dont like other people stealing your wrecks, then get to it first.


gET tO It FIrSt lol. you DO understand that not ALL ship fits in the game can tank at 2500m? Your suggestion would kill off kiting

That’s the risk you take for playing an evasive style and staying far away. You do understand that play styles have advantages and disadvantages, right?


Do these exploration frigates that steal your loot also tank at 2500m?
If you absolutely must get that loot, you can use second ship.

That’s the risk you take with kiting.

You get more distance, and therefore its safer for you because you have the potential to more easily disengage and warp away if the fight goes badly.

But at the same time, you are farther away from the wreck.

Also, why are you fighting in a situation where there are neutrals hovering around the target, closer than you?


No, learn how to play the game or ■■■■ off.


yup, sure. you have to have suicide gank ship ready to loot 1/2 of your loot, nicd

No wait a minute. Hear him out… let it cloak. It just wont be able to based on his selfish complaint because it is not 2km outside the docking ring. trollol.

Because to cloak you need to be x away from stuff :slight_smile:

I like how you responded to that one, but not the two other guys telling you the exact same thing.

I guess we can call this thread as closed and finished with.

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Please ■■■■ off for wanting to ruin a perfectly fine profession.

Only sore losers and highly competitive athletes need a fair chance. That’s why the other guy grabs your loot and you whine about him taking it. It already is fair, you’re just a sore loser.

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I suicide ganke and suspect bait and never had that problem. Maybe you are just bad at EVE.

A sore loser at that. :slight_smile:

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You’re right. I should have added sore. There’s nothing wrong with being on the losing side every now and then. It’s part of life.

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I wholly approve of this.

Well done to them :+1:

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learn how to communicate properly or self ■■■■ off idiot



His message seems extremely clear to me, don’t you agree? Maybe you’re mistaking using certain words for not having anything to say, but that’s a mistake. A mistake many people nowadays make, because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that being as honest as someone as Nikolai means that he has nothing to say, or does not know how to express himself differently.

Clearly the opposite is true. Clearly he clearly knows what he wants to say and clearly is the fault not with the one who does not ask others to censor themselves because he does not like how they express themselves.

When words are a problem for someone, then that someone has a problem. Not the one who uses the words, but the one who has issues with them. It’s not his responsibility to express himself in a way that makes sure all those, who can’t handle certain words, get along with their lives. On the contrary. ■■■■ these people.

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And yet a little more cultivated manners did no harm to anyone. Even if he may be right about some of the postings.
to write simply “no”, or " idiot" or “■■■■ off”… there is no special intelligence recognizable. Then better not write anything at all

It has nothing to do with “cultivated manners”, culture or “good behaviour”. In fact, stretching your statement political correctness is bad. If you don’t believe that, ask yourself why Hitler, Lenin and Stalin were fans of political correctness.

Germany, Austria, the USA and Russia prominently show that culture and swear words often go hand in hand. I am aware that mainstream media wants to tell us otherwise and that there are plenty of ■■■■■■ up politically correct people out there, but the vast majority of people aren’t actually emotionally crippled idiots who obey blindly the words of the media and mentally ill social “justice” warriors.

Have you ever heard someone being really pissed off, in French? It’s marvellous! As the Merowinger notes in “The Matrix Reloaded”, swearing in french is like wiping your ass with silk. Interesting contrast to Canadians, who I’d never trust with what they’re saying, because they’re always going out of their way in making sure their words might not hurt someone. Just think about how ■■■■■■ up this is. Words hurting people. One can not ever trust them to be fully open and honest about anything.

Science provides evidence that using emotionally loaded words is actually beneficial for emotional health, which reasons in the fact that everyone is being told the opposite. The problem really is that people are holding back too much, with people like you making the situation worse for everyone.

The idea that not using swear words somehow makes you a better person is flat out wrong, mostly spread by those who wish to present themselves as someone they aren’t. Often they believe they’re better, but they’re not. They’re just bad people who wish everyone else to believe they’re good. And to top it off, I can not notice any special intelligence in your posts either and you didn’t even use any of the words you apparently dislike.

Now grow a pair, will ya, and stop being annoyed about someone writing words on the internet. They’re just words. It makes you look weak and it makes you look dumb.

And the number one reason why people like Nicolai are always preferrable compared to many others, is because you can always expect his reaction to be flat out honest. That is something you can not expect from people who like to sugar coat things into words that don’t actually express their feelings, or simply say nothing.

Now, hopefully, you’ve learned something, and I don’t want to see this from you again. Thanks.

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What isn’t clear to you about my way of communicating?

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