How do I protect my wrecks from looters?

I took my shiny new machariel to Simela to run some L3 SOE security missions. On my very first mission I had this dude show up and loot all my wrecks. I had read about looters and how they could be experienced at pvp and that I should not attack them because I’d probably lose my ship. However, I couldn’t help myself and I attacked the guy anyway. Needless to say I couldn’t kill him and I was lucky to survive because I launched some ec-300 drones. I looked this guy up (Leffy Skaramour) later on zkillboard and was just blown away by how successful he is at killing pve players. He basically OWNS Simela. And I was amazed that he could kill so many larger ships with a smaller ship (he attacked me in a Cruor I think). I understand that skill and gear should play big roles in combat and that a frigate might be quick and hard to hit in a battleship. But who decided that a small frigate should be capable of keeping a huge battleship from going to warp? The game mechanics seem totally screwed to me. I guess I was hoping to get advice as to how to fit my ship differently so that I can kill a-holes like this guy. Is it even possible for a newb like me? I know some of you will say go join a corp or do faction warfare to learn more about pvp but I really have no interest in doing that. I guess I could keep trying locations until I find a place I can actually keep my loot. The bounty system sure doesn’t work. Thanks


well you can fit a heavy neut and kill his drones with light drones i guess

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Loot from L3s really isn’t worth your time when blitzing SoE missions. Having said that, if you want to fight back you have to fit web/point. Since you’re only running L3s you should still have plenty of tank.


He isn’t interested in your loot - he’s trying to bait you into shooting at him. Perfectly legitimate gameplay in Eve.

While the loot in level 3 missions isn’t worth much, most missions will have an objective that you need to take back to the agent and you can rest assured he knows what that objective is and will steal it.

I recommend simply doing something else for a while - you’ve got a week to complete the mission and, if necessary, you can buy the mission objectives on contract.

If you deny him his victory conditions, he’ll go and bother someone else.


CCP has gone on record before as saying that wrecks are property of anyone who can salvage them. I think you’re referring to the content of said wrecks, which is “protected” to some extent by the game mechanics - protected in the sense that if someone steals the content of a wreck or can belonging to you, you get to shoot at them without consequences from CONCORD.

However bear in mind that if you shoot at them, the game mechanics allows them to shoot back. If you are not entirely sure that you can beat an experienced player in a dedicated PVP ship, probably with specialized implants, drugs and - if you wait long enough, boosters and logistical support, then maybe you should just let him have the stuff. He doesn’t want it anyway. He wants to fight you and kill you to loot your ship. Those Tech 2 modules you have installed have decent resale value.


I hope this marks the return of Suddenly Ninjas.

Just turn all the wrecks blue when he starts looting; seems to drive them crazy and also lets him know that he won’t find a willing target with you. Don’t forget to talk up in local that you are glad to help a noobie like him and ask if he needs any help playing the game. I found when I did this so many years ago, they eventually stopped bothering me since there were plenty of uninformed/foolish targets elsewhere in the system. You could also fit a couple webs/neuts on your ship and engage him, just make sure you immediately warp to your system safe spot when he pops and continue to rotate around until the weapons timer expires. Personally I would move asap; just not worth the aggravation and there are other systems that meet your needs.


You could just shoot the wrecks when they’re getting approached.


You did that in the wrong order… Before engaging someone i would suggest you FIRST look them up.

That said, he was flying a ship that was probably very specifically fit to take out ratting Machs. If he’s fit to counter your ship, but you are not fit to counter his (web, scram and heavy neut will counter most frigates… although your ECM drones managed to pull it off as well) then its perfectly normal for him to be able to hold you down, and eventually kill you.

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If your mission involves collecting something from those wrecks I suggest you try and get to that first as they try and sell it back to you at an inflated cost. If you have the mission completion icons then just do what @Buoytender_Bob says, It’s satisfying when you mock them like that.


FIRST check :ballot_box_with_check: - and having found him have a look at his kill style & habits in Zkill, the kind of thing he likes to fit to his current ship where he hangs out who (so possible alts?) he kills in company with.

SECOND launch your mobile depot fit up the ship scanner you have in cargo lock him up & check out what his actual fitting is right now.

THIRD equipped with any details gleaned from the FIRST step about potential alts & allies check the local chat channel to see if he has any friends nearby… if he’s in a player corp set it to orange 1st so you can spot any corp mates easily, ditto for alliances.

FOURTH assuming local is clear of any of his friends refit (in space from your mobile depot) a hard counter to his current fit & go for it.

If you need to keep them on grid long enough to do all that then talk to them, @Buoytender_Bob’s aproach is perfect for that.


just shoot your own wrecks. they are worth nothing anyhow.


This is nicely evil, I never thought of doing that. I would just ignore and they’d move on but this approach is better. I’ll bear it in mind if I ever get bored enough to rat in Empire space again.


He’s not one. You are one for calling him one.

You’re a noob in a machariel, running a lvl3 mission. Not only should you be ashamed of yourself for reacting like this about normal gameplay, you shouldn’t be having a machariel as a new player, because you deserve having it taken away from you.

I suggest rethinking your approach on this.



Most people who warp into your missions are not looking for loot they are looking for something they can steal in hopes that you will do exactly what you did and shoot at them and once you have they can legally defend themselves against your attack and in the end kill you which is what they were after to start with. How to deal with this depends on your preferences.

  1. Refit your ship to include web, scram and nuets. Slowed to a walking speed (web) unable to warp out (scram) and little or no capacitor (nuet) a frigate or even a cruiser is easily dispatched by a mission ship. IF you take this option be careful of who you shoot. It is legal for them to come into your missions and use a salvage beam to salvage the wrecks, if you shoot them for this Concord will destroy your ship.

  2. Simply ignore them. He cannot legally shoot you until you have attacked him and they usually will warp out relatively quickly once it becomes obvious that you are not willing to fight.

  3. As you progress through your mission simply right click on a wreck and tell the game to abandon all nearby wrecks. While not quite technically the truth the easiest way to understand this action is that it simply sets ownership of the wreck to everyone in the game, since the wreck belongs to everyone there is no way that anyone can steal it. Since the visitor cannot steal from your wrecks they have no way of trying to bait you into a fight, since they are usually there for the fight and they will not get one they usually warp off in search of another person. The down side to this is it does make it completely legal for a salvage player to warp in and take everything and there is nothing you can do about it, so you have to decide which is most important, protecting yourself while discouraging those who want to fight you OR attempting to protect the loot in your wrecks.

Over the years I personally have never had any trouble with the abandon all method, yes I do occasionally lose something needed to complete a mission but that is never a problem. Many of the mission will completely reset after down time each day so even if you miss it today you may get it tomorrow. GM’s have been known to reset mission on rare occasions when a required thing was stolen. You can always check the markets and contracts these items are often available there for a reasonable cost. And there is always the option to abandon the mission and taking the small standing hit that comes along with it, a standing hit which is quickly and easily rebuilt.


I lived in null and anyone who can scan you down can easily kill your pve ship.
I know it may sound boring to some people, but that’s the reason I only do burners and a few other easily blitzed missions. You’ll get rid of the troubles associated with scanning.

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I must have missed this in the EULA or the New Player Experience.


Yeah, in fact I kind of think that the Machariel is one of the most forgiving ships out there (for missions anyhow). If a new player wants to splash money on a cost-effective hull it’s a really solid option that doesn’t overly depend on SP.


  1. It doesn’t require T2 guns to make it work.
  2. Taking BS skills to 4 is plenty given the 25% RoF role bonus.
  3. It can use whatever tank skills a pilot has on hand.
  4. It handles like a much smaller ship but still has the GTFO option of a MJD if you choose to use it.

If I absolutely had to throw a new player into a battleship in as little time as possible I’d have to say a Machariel is a great choice.


Loot them first, or if you’re too slow, run the mission with another player and have them loot the wrecks and split the rewards.

This is literally the main role of frigates in pvp.

He is fitted and set up specifically to kill ships like yours, whereas you are fitted and set up to kill npc rats. If you want to fight him, you’ll need to run a pvp fit, which will be much slower and less effective for running the actual mission. Or again, just fit a point and web then have another player or players ready to warp in and blob his ass. A lot of “winning” at eve is based on how good you are at making friends and collaborating.


Oh that’s not it. Your inexperience will just likely lead to you losing it, one way or another. I’m not trying to tell you what you should be doing with your money, sorry. I’m just telling you that, based on evidence throughout the history of EVE ONLINE, you really shouldn’t be having one, because it’ll be blown up from under your ass sooner than you think.

This message, though, might change that and motivate you to being especially careful.