How do I protect my wrecks from looters?

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Challenge accepted. Come and easily kill my procurer. After all, it’s just sitting there peacefully mining…

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Thanks for ALL of the great advice and comments. It looks like there are a bunch of ways to deal with or avoid the situation. I refit my ship and ran some more missions in Simela but didn’t see the guy or get bothered. I took another look at zkillboards though and noticed he used 4+ billion in implants in the past (many geared to armor repair) so I think I’ll just stick to the rats for now (although it would be sweet to destroy just one of his pricey pods :drooling_face:).

(Daichi Yamato) #23

As an addition to what people have here, try using directional scanner before engaging. Some ninjas have an alt or friend ready with a logistic ship incase you over power them. My last ninja had a nestor and domi helping him. Was a nasty surprise let me tell you.

But as a general rule, never engage ninjas unless you know what you are doing and you are happy to lose your ship.

(yellow parasol) #24

i once used a noob char, with noob skills, in a speedfitted ares. he had a noob companion, equally noob skills, doing logistics. the boost one gets from having a logi pilot is gigantic. that’s also when i learned that there’s people deliberately hunting such antagonists in mission hubs. good times.

(Buggs LeRoach) #25

some good advice in here . i’d add :

never pvp in your money-maker .
always have a combat-fit ship ready in station . insured , armed , ready to undock at one click .
use z-killboard to see his time active / ships flown / known associates .
from that i see he has used an npc corp’d alt in a logi ship in some kills . so fitting for pvp won’t be enough if you want to fight him . you’ll have to be ready to overcome at least 2 …

ignoring him or setting cans blue is best advice i’ve seen , but if you fit up a few cheap combat ships maybe you can have some fun … :smile:

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It doesn’t. Back about 3 years ago, most of the old core group moved on (I was a director for 2 years) as our CEO at the time went AFK. Somehow Leffy ended up in charge and has ran the outfit into the ground for the most part. Most of the older alumni share this opinion sad to say.

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That sucks. Where did everyone move on to?

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Various 1-3 man corps, quit the game, etc. My corp Quality Assurance probably contains the largest collection of SN alumni in one outfit (3 of us were Directors when we left for Bricksquad, then formed Quality Assurance), but most everyone but myself is on EVE break. Some of us still do some baiting from time-to-time, but I’ve mostly moved onto other forms of entertainment.

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they are mission wrecks, who gives a ■■■■? Looting is a complete waste of time unless you are a newb salvaging behind a few ratting supers, and it’s only worthwhile then because you can’t make more isk with your own combat skills.

(Andrew Indy) #30

Go grapple instead of a standard Web. They are better in almost every way compared to T2 Webs. Its only when you use a Faction web/boosts do standard webs look better at range.

(Solomar Espersei) #31

You make a huge point here that is easy to overlook/forget. There was time when loot and salvage were worth your time to come back and grab. I know the nerf had a lot to do with gun mining and it was probably in the best interest of the game that it was changed.

OTOH, it’s worth pointing out that the end game strategy of ninja salvaging/looting, though it’s mostly a lost art form today, used to be an insanely profitable profession. Mission runners who like nothing more than “leveling up their Ravens” will often bling out their ships to ridiculous degrees. It used to be pretty easy to kill several of these a month and along with ransoms, loot, salvage, valuable tags and contracted mission objectives, it was an easy, sustainable play style.

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