Weapons timer for shooting a NPC

Shooting a NPC should give the same weapons timer as shooting another player to prevent ships (mostly things like nullsec bots) from docking immediately when someone enters a system, and giving whoever entered the system enough time to try to catch them and prevent them from docking. This would make it easier for people to get pvp content in nullsec without their targets docking immediately. Of course, this means the fight might be on a structure grid and would be harder for the attackers to safely get away after if the ratter has a friend or alt in control of the structure.

wouldnt work if they are bots then they would jump to a station and tether and gl fighting 4 tethered ships. and if they are not bots they can just jump from moon to moon till the timer runs out. plus it would just annoy players that jump gates to get somewhere and get hit by a rat cause now they have a timer.

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if they warp to a station, weapons timer blocks tether. If they are a capital and use a jump drive, then they are sitting somewhere else unable to dock

you can catch them on a moon or when they warp to the station if you use a dictor or hic, so you have a chance to get them

they would only get the timer if they shoot the rat, not if the rat shoots them

its possible but i feel as if the fanbase as a whole would be against this since most of us make money from ratting. but i wouldn’t be against it but i don’t think CCP wants to annoy more people. but who knows maybe they would there an interesting bunch.

The idea is to give pvpers a chance to get ratters in lowsec and nullsec. It might be a little annoying, but it would be more opportunities for content even on little ships.

This wouldn’t accomplish what you intend to accomplish (ratters just warp to a bookmark first), yet it makes certain situations (like agressive NPCs on gates that block you from taking the gate after you shoot them) even more annoying than they already are.

No support.

Considering this is the only way “new” Isk gets into the game, and without considering vets…just newbies not noobies, doing missions and stuff like that starting out…this would confuse things and would be considered a bullcrap mechanic.

do not support at all

Things that make it more difficult for carebears to make money tend to mean less carebears in space. The only people you’ll actually catch with this mechanic are those who are too new to know any better, which means you’ll probably decrease new player retention as well.

Have you ever been on a roam where some of your fleet mates kill the rats on a gate who are shooting the fleet? Congrats, with your suggestion, you either wait for them or they’re separated from the fleet.

Everything is a trade off, I agree with that if hunters can no more be able to filament out to avoid pvp

I agree that instant filaments and also jump drives are bad, and null would have a lot more content if both had a minute or so warm-up, maybe more like 10 seconds on a blops jump drive, and a skill that could reduce it by up to 50% on jump drives

Why don’t you try looking for PvP ships instead? They probably won’t dock or run away?

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Newbies would be basically unaffected by this. Unless you are going with those 20 Ishtar alts being newbies somehow?
And the MER clearly shows plenty of isk entering the game.

They wouldn’t be able to dock in a station or jump a gate right after they run a mission. While I’m generally not in favor of the OP’s suggestion, I actually think this particular point is a point in favor of the mechanic, since it would teach new players this combat mechanic in preparation for pvp.

I said newbies, not noobies so F your ishtar crap…just shutup Nevyn your a dumbass

Well its not just missions, the guy in a venture, the new user of a retty…

I am looking at this from the perspective of a CEO and someone that does have a lot of contact with newer players.

This mechanic proposal would simply muddy the waters more, as well as complicate matters…we would like to retain ppl yes? not crush them with mechanics?

:slight_smile: that would be ideal.

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