Nullsec citadels only one timer

Have Citadels only have one timer in nullsec. Nullsec has large factions that can defend them. They should have a single vurnerability window in which the structure can be destroyed completly and during which time it be defended. Reduces krabbing in large factions a bit aswell. And makes there long tentacles vurnerable. And makes big entities vurnerable to multiple small attacks. This also removes the need for a pause timer that completly out of sync on tidi/laggfest engagements.

This used to be the way, then things changed, and possibly there was a reason why.

Possibly you have lost something due to bad timers? Outplayed, outstayed and unpaid? Remember that just cause you get what you want once, it means others can abuse it forever, in or out of wh space. Remember that they are more organized and they can and will use your own ideas to break you.

No i havent lost anything myself, just thinking this would be much better balanced since null is protected by game mechanics

Your entire idea is: Big groups in big, REAL space have too much power in those friendships of theirs, and aren’t completely vulnerable and soft targets that we should be to those hard bitten WH raiderrrz!

Keepstars in WH only, amirite?

Thing is, this happens just after a big saltpile destructed in WH space, and another is just about to happen, so this post is just a whine about other people having friends that they can talk to in local, and how they shouldn’t have stuff because wah.

No I live in both wormhole space and nullsec. I think its just a good idea to have citadels in nullsec have a single timer, its to easy to maintain large chunks of null. Renting for example.

The blob fleet will arrive if that one timer is a week and what few smaller groups are left in null are at a disadvantage the shorter the timer would be. The current system is a compromise that lets renters embarrass themselves ahead of the arrival of the blob after a week.

Long tentacles like forward operating bases, you can just drop, jump clone and harrass, with a single timer you need to defend aswell.

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