Is the Non-Capsuleer Log-Off Timer too long for hunters?

Only way to catch bots is to log off asap on their site.

At the very least make it 35 seconds before npcs attack.


Just build up your standings with the NPCs.

How does it work exactly. I don’t PvE

The moment an NPC hits you the timer of 15mins starts. Same with pvp. The moment a player hits you a 15min combat timer starts.

HOWEVER, the weapons timer of 1min is dependent on if you shoot back. As a ship can tank a gate camp and slowly make it to get and eventually take the gate.

I may be wrong in speculating it has been 15mins for ages even before my time here.

The problem with the 5 minute timer is that all bots in 2022 will scan the space around them and detect your ship logged out on their combat site.

A pure bot won’t do anything.

A semi-bot will actually warp to your ship and kill it.

Being able to log out in ratting sites would be a godsend.

Btw, some rats hard swap their attention to you when you scram a bot, often leading to you getting hit with 50 types of ewar. The rats help the bot that was killing them. Amazing game.

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You can get standing with the pirate factions through mission running. Then, if your standing is high enough, they won’t attack you when they see you.

Although, that is mostly for belt and gate rats, I think mission rats would still attack.

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Would the rats in regular combat sites attack?

I’m not entirely sure.

Regular rats will always attack. The standings are more for diamond rats now

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Uh… I don’t want to argue with a PVE professional, but I have been all around null and lowsec with blue NPCs that never attacked me. Did CCP really change this?

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If they are blue you’re good.

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