15 minutes capsuleer log off timer is too long for casual play?

So as the title says I think the current log of timer is bit too long… The aim of this thread is to see if anyone else feels similiar. Please for the love of god dont start throwing insults around if possible and just trying to have a general discussion on this mechanic.

Heres where Im coming from:

If I engage in a spot of casual pvp and choose to filament into hostile space. Or if im just roaming and disengage from an unfavourable engagement or even if I manage to break away from a fight I didn’t pick, and Im about to loose I’m then stuck in space for 15 minutes. Likewise if I use a filament end end up in the middle of nowhere I have a 15 minute timer where again I cant log off or do another filament.

My main gripe here is that one cant just casually play eve for half an hour-to an hour. Means you cant just go out and have a quick fight etc.

Because of the timer I’m forced to essentially concede my ship(its highly likely you will get combat probed in 15 minutes if you go afk in a safe after tumbling with some hostiles and poking about)

As in one cant simply go take a dump or go eat dinner my GF has made(and she will get pissed off if you don’t drop everything and go straight away am I right?) etc. Where most games have a match/fight time of 15 minutes it seems eve has a wind down time of 15 minutes from doing your activity… Obviously i understand its the nature of the game and everything takes long (except when it doesn’t).

For example If you have the funds you can just fit out 50 ships and hit undock hit a filemt and be out in hostile space in under 3 minutes. Being forced to stay in game for 15 or essentially loose your ship if you have to go coz real life is a bit lame. I’m aware cloaks exit… but do we really need more cloaks and having to compromise locking is a pain.

Personally to me It’s certainly bit of a deterrent from engaging people currently. “hmmm Do i want to take this engagement if I think hes stabbed or hes likely got reinforcement? Im likely going to fail tackle/ forced to retreat and be forced for another 15 minuets of doing nothing”

Maybe casual PVP and eve just doesn’t go together…
I tried to put my thoughts down best I could. I’m interested in other peoples views on this.

Basically I guess the crux of it is I would like to play more but it seems unless I can commit a good few hours for a session then PVP is off the menu.

You know safe logoff is a thing? Only takes 30 seconds… and you can d-scan while waiting

Ah ok, its the timer you’ve issue with.
Can’t help you there, in for a penny…


I can’t say I have ever been in a situation where the logoff timer is an issue, that is what stations are for. You can always fit a cloak and wait out that timer in complete safety.

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Hmm, it sounds more like your gripe is that you can’t utilise a filament to get in 30mins of game time. As you can definitely go out and get a quick fight in 30-60mins without issue. Low sec says hello.

Further to this, have you considered basing in NPC Null (if null sec fights are the preference) because then you can avoid the filament ‘issue’ entirely.

Otherwise, as has already been pointed out, have a mobile depot & cloak in the cargo hold and refit off that at a safe, bounce to new safe and cloak. There are a number of ways to get in a ‘quick’ spot of casual pvp, but filaments are probably not the easiest option.

I’d suggest basing in/around one of the low sec ‘known for pvp’ systems (Tama/Amamake off the top of my head) and you’ll have no issues jumping on for a quick fight, then dock up & close the game down when you’re done (or dinner is ready).




Thanks for the reply.
I keep forgetting mobile depots are a thing… That could be an option in my current hulls.

Not feesable for smaller hulls unfortunately I believe. Whats the M3 of a mobile depot?

Certainly relocating to one of those systems does not appeal as a solo activity.
With filaments, at least I have the element of surprise and most systems have to scramble to get a counter fleet and you are less likely to encounter a gang / a guy multiboxing 3 alts.

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I don’t see why the game needs to change to fit what you think is “casual play”.

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Mobile depots are 50m^3. The problem comes in that cloaks are 150. Another option besides storing that in your cargo is to offline a cloak in a utility highslot and online it to afk.

What do you think is casual play ?

Yeah i hear ya.

Sacrificing a high slot utility might be the next best thing after mobile depots.

Let me just double check, while offline you it wont penalise your sensor strength (or was it scan resolution?) mechanics wise?

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It doesn’t matter what I think is casual play, since you’re the one who started this thread claiming it.

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The point of the thread was to have a discussion and learn what other people think and what they experience.

“The aim of this thread is to see if anyone else feels similiar.”

I never claimed anything is or isint. I just said what my perdicament and experiance is.

So I take it you don’t feel simmilar which is fair.

I am interested and would like to understand what your/others views are. Apologies if that wasn’t made clear enough.


I never had any issue with the agression timer. I also never thought I’d hear of someone having this issue. You learn something new every day.

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This will affect your targeting time, even when offline

You can play EVE for half an our to an hour, if you pick the right activities.

If you know you have 20 minutes of play time, you can use an abyssal filament and have a very predictable maximum of 20 minutes in abyssal space. Or if your playtime is more variable of length, mining allows you to log in and out whenever you wish. Exploration too is an activity that can be broken off halfway by cloaking up in space and waiting until after dinner.

Things that are less suited for short gameplay sessions are unpredictable activities. PvP is such an unpredictable activity, where I never join fleets unless I have at least an hour of free time open, or am willing to possibly sacrifice my ship by going AFK halfway.

Of these PvP activities some are more predictable than others. A small defence fleet in our own space won’t take long. A long suicide roam to the other side of the universe takes a little longer, but is one-way with a well defined end.

A needlejack fleet to a random spot in null sec with a ship that I would prefer to fly back safely? Worst idea for when you want to know when you’re done. You may filament into hostile space, lose some ships to locals, filament right back 2 jumps from where you started (my recent yeet fleet, was fun!), or you may be doomed to yeet a few more times around the universe before you have to fly all the way back.

Instant short PvP sessions are possible. Fly a cheap suicide needlejack fleet and try to kill as much as possible before you all die. Or try abyssal PvP. I don’t have any experience with that, but it seems to me to be PvP on demand with a time limit. Or live in an area where lots of small PvP fights are going on, so you can hop in and out whenever you want.

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stopping players from escaping combat by logging off is the exact reason the 15 minute timer was put in game . sorry if it’s inconvenient , surely you understand the people you’re hunting find it inconvenient that you can attack them then escape by logoffski …

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I understand that but 15 minutes is far too long for this purpose IMO. Once engaged, either one of us leaving grid is enough. If I leave grid, or if they leave grid the “victim” is safe. Either one of us leaves grid or I die or they die.

If I’m forced to leave grid or fail to hold tackle and they run I can then bounce around safes/celestial with zero chance of being scanned down, or, jump out to the next system etc…

Or even more ennoyingly for those people re-fitting fitting a cloak.

The timer therefore achieves nothing for those people other than forcing me to stay in their system being stuck in space for the next 15 minutes and further inconveniencing them and myself from from my point of view. If I could filament out or log off for the day they’d be rid of me or go to the shop etc…

I have been taking a mobile depot and a cloak now. Within 1 minute become completely safe and didint even need to log out and could go take a shower, go to the shop etc and could even stay in space… I wish it wasn’t needed.

Hi Gerard

I think PVE can be a longer set up than PVP wierdly enough depending on what you doing of course, I just currently get lot more out of PVP. Ironicaly If I did have a lot of time I would probably choose PVE and do some meaningful grinding. Once you get in the groove time flies and the isk flows :slight_smile:

On the subject of PVP.
Suicide runs are fun and indeed have done plenty of those. Now i’m opting for a more prolonged solo protracted combat. If I can stay in hostile space that’s great. I can log on for 30-60 minutes. Either jump around or filament out again and see if I can get a fight. I need to get out of the habit of taking an unfavourable fight because its better than no fight though.

Normaly used to going out with 4-9 corps mates but due to time constraints this startegy is just better. I spent about 10 minutes trying to bump a procurer off a refinery today :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh gotcha thanks. thought so.

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