New Tractor Beam T2 module the auto collects loot

Basically I would like a tractor beam module that I can put on my Noctis that acts the same way as what a MTU does already. It could be as a new T2 variant of the mod, as sometimes this would not be wanted.

Trying to collect and loot a lot of wreaks in a noctis is a lot of clicks, this would cut down on a few.

I think this would be good, as it encourages the use of active salvaging more, by cutting down some of the annoyance/clicks, as opposed to the drop the MTU and walk away till it is done.

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how is this a buff though? You want the T2 mod to automagically port the stuff you tractor in, into the cargo bay?

I kinda like the idea so it must be a bad one. :upside_down_face:

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Say ‘no’ to automation.


MTU use does it into it’s cargo, why could a tractor beam not?

It is not total automation, I still have to lock the wreak as a target, and activate the module. Just means I don’t have to open it to get the stuff when it arrives, which on my poor old laptop is actually rather slow.

It turns 4 clicks (target, activate, open, loot) into 2 (target and activate). A MTU is automation, you can just drop a walk away, which is bad. I think at least a MTU should stop when you are off grid, but that is another topic.

If we allow the T2 module to do that, then just get rid of the MTU then.
might as well rename the Tractor beam then, cause then it won’t just be a tractor beam if it automatically puts ■■■■ in your cargo hold.

Any objections to getting rid of the MTU?

I am asking for a new mod. There are a few things that have more than one T2 variant. So keep the current one as is, it is good and useful in some contexts, add a new one with this extra ability. And yes give it a name that reflects well what it does.

I think almost everybody would love to get rid of the MTU. it ruined teamwork game play in salvaging after mission running (plus there is the issue of multiple MTU’s trying to pick the same ■■■■ up.

I loved having my MTU"s but i’ll be glad to get rid of them out of game.

Which brings up a good point for me. Never needing a marauder till the resistance nerf, I feel with mtu’s, the marauders tractors bonus should be switched to salvage?

I think that bonus is so you can collect that critical mission item while still in bastion, not so you can loot everything.

Good point, I’m not running anything that heavy with it.

Here’s where I F’up every time. Instead of conceding my idea would screw with someone else’s gameplay, I should have instead insisted my idea was the best way to improve my gameplay at the expense of all others. I’ll never learn… :roll_eyes:

Would stomping my feet help?

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possibly… ooh i think you’re supposed to say grr goons as well.
blaming them seems to make things better somehow :man_shrugging:

Fighting Goon’s in the old days were a good lesson in why French Officers pants were brown…

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i think with the exception of one or two missions, all mission items in L4’s at least, are placed in Cargo hold upon destruction of said trigger to mission item.

I can think of 7 missions where there are such items you need to loot I just can’t get all their names right now off the top of my head . The ones I can think of are Duo of Death and Rogue Slave Trader and The Anomaly. But there is also the two with the militants in a transport ship, and I think one with the viral agent. Also there are a few missions where a ship drops a gate key or something you need to pick up as well (though I just carry gate keys around in my cargo from previous missions). But really why a marauder has a bonus for it is not the point.

I am suggesting, or at least hoping someone else comes up with an even cooler idea for is.

  1. Buff the Noctis, make salvaging in it even easier, but still an active activity, to make it more appealing to use.
  2. Make Concord destroy any MTU that is dropped.

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