New Equiempment, Mobile Salvage unit

Could you guys bring into play a Mobile Salvage unit that could be dropped along side of the Mobile Tractor Unit please?

Mobile Anti-Pirate Sentry would be nice too.
Just drop and return in half an hour to get AFK profits.

Why do we need a Mobile Salvage Unit when the Noctis already exists?

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because you can drop it with you MTU while you are killing stuff in your ship and don’t have to warp back and forth

So you just want to be lazier.

-1, bad idea, game shouldn’t encourage laziness

Okay, but cannot be deployed within 10km of an MTU

and the mtu that bring wreck close to you whot is ?
for me it is a great idea

Vote 4 a mobile ore compression unite!

Sure but only if there will also be a Mobile Thieving Unit introduced with a reinforcement state similar to Mobile Depots and which can steal from inside MTU and your proposed MSU cargo holds within 500 km, though can not salvage or tractor so it is a fair deal. :wink:

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