Mobile Salvage Unit

Cannot be deployed within 200km of a Mobile Tractor Unit.

Will pull any wrecks within its range and automatically salvage it. However, it will destroy any itens contained within the wrecks in the process.

Why is this needed?

Let me answer that question with another question.

Why is the MTU needed when the Noctis already has a tractor bonus?

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No. We dont need more easy mods to make players lazy


Because an MTU is 8 million ISK, whereas a Noctis is 100 million ISK. You aren’t going to see many players fielding a Noctis in high sec (or pretty much anywhere else) just to salvage and loot…

Not to mention there are salvage dessies. Mtu already pulls all the wrecks together. Takes less than 4 min to salvage a whole grid with a noctis


The problem I have with this idea is that it would be another deployable in space where otherwise would be a player that could be interacted with.

And less player interaction is bad in my book.


I would have suggested tractor beam rigs for tractor beam speed and range, so that those destroyers get like 15% range and speed for the t1 rigs and 20% for the t2 rigs.


imo there still needs to be more deployables since they open up new modes of game play. I guess the op’s idea is you would deploy the salvager after the tractor? That’s pretty inefficient. You’re still better off with a friend in a destroyer, or an alt, to do it for you.

And less player interaction is bad in my book.

If you give it the same flagging interaction rules as a mobile depot, you’re actually creating player interaction, not taking it away. If CCP ever gets around to allowing players to use mission assets for low level production, all those should have the same sort of flagging rules.

Overall, I don’t really think its necessary, but more stuff in space is a win in my book. Give us more of those farms and fields we can destroy.

Deployables take away some gameplay with adding very little. Less pilot interaction

MTU’s aren’t protected by CONCORD. They get blown up, leading to suspect timers in HS. That’s a form of player “interaction.”

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More pilots in space = better game :smiley: idea is cool but it will make the game worse unfortunitly.

Unless ofc as you deploy the mobile salvage unit it tethers to your ship and if you go 50kms away from the unit or warp out it explodes and all loot inside detonates, so you have to pick it up before you leave.

Better would just be a salvage tether high slot it tractors it in then salvages it.

Why not use salvage drones instead if you cannot be bothered to manually target and cycle your salvager for each wreck?

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This, I used a drone dessy (drone velocity mods) and an MTU combo to auto salvage for a while.


Not exactly. I’m trying to get enough orange salvage to build a few rigs for an eng. complex. However, the time i spend salvaging could be better used elsewhere.

I see the arguments against it due to player interaction, however i don’t see how that is different for the MTU. It’s the exact same deployment mode, plus it negates the use of the MTU.

Plus there are plenty of people out there who get their kicks shooting this kind of stuff, for some reason. I’m pretty sure they’d love to “interact” with it.

Noctis has been Nerfed can only use 2 drone!!!

Uhm, did you put a warp core stabilizer on it perhaps?

Without warp core stabilizer it can use 5 salvage drones. By putting a warp core stabilizer on it, you ‘nerfed’ your own ship.


I entirely disagree with this sentiment. Deployables can’t perfectly replace another player, but they allow players to have their own little empire of structures to play with. (They fill a bit of that sim city niche.) Which is why I say eve needs more of them.

One of my favorite things in games is deployable structures, but the big structures in eve aren’t really for a solo player. They’re primarily corporation and alliance assets.

Solo player can easily have one of the smaller structures, they are not too expensive. The problem with them is they are brute force so anyone with a big army can just wipe it out so if you want a structure put it in a uninhabited low sec system and hide it as best as possible.

Hopefully CCP makes one of the cheaper structures a stealthy structure that is in some way lets people hide in space, but obviously less combat abilities to balance it.

The solution, imo, is what I have mentioned before on here. Make cheap structures that aren’t protected by reinforcement timers (using mission assets for the structure geometry.) Drug production for instance, makes perfect sense to be produced in environments like that. Maybe even hire npc mercs to protect the site as guards.

They wont really be worth smashing if a player has a small operation going, but if it’s a sprawling industrial operation, then it would be a viable target both for economic gain, and to hurt an economic rival / enemy corp-alliance.

Sure, 500 mil for one of the current structures isn’t a ton, but its enough to warrant someone wanting to kill it specifically to pad their killboard. We need things that are much lower value to help with onboarding. In fact, having the player build something cheap (sub 1 million) in the rookie station, and then online it in space through the npe would be a fantastic way to teach them about industry.

These structures don’t need to have the same output bonuses larger structures have. Just make them slightly better than an npc station in terms of production bonuses.

Besides industry for producing the normal player items, you can have space farms for producing organics, trade good production, clone production (when crews become a thing,) illicit good production (drug production as mentioned above,) warehouse buildings (some of which already exist,) intel structures ( which use the hackable structures that we find in cosmic signatures,) defensive structures (turrets and drone hangers,) buildings to house crew, mission agents, ect.

To prevent structure spam, you’d probably need to require the player to anchor a dead space beacon first (and the number of active beacons could be skill limited based on the anchoring skill level.) This would allow the player to anchor any of the structures in the previous paragraph.

I realize this is pretty similar to the old pos mechanic. However there’s some notable differences: no pos shield, no reinforcement timers, the site and structures would degrade after 30 days if the owner hasn’t entered the deadspace pocket during that time, and of course the most important thing, the structures would range from extremely cheap (250k - 10m,) to being a stepping stone (somewhere in the 100 - 250m range) to a “small” 400 -500 mil isk upwell structure.

Of course there’s room in there for more mobile deployables too, but those would fill a separate role than the more established base.

Getting back on topic, it sounds like the op wants to pull in wrecks with his marauder, and then drop the salvager unit to take care of the mess. I don’t really see how that’s any different than an mtu in terms of what people would have complaints about.