Idea for a Tech 2 porpoise

I know there’s already yes I know that he was referring to maybe there be a way to boost the mining drones I think and ask for gas harvesting there is no drones yet it’d be nice to see that I was in it would be nice to see that as an addition

there is no need for a gas drone and if mining drones are able to get bonuses it just means the base stats will get nerfed so that you have to use boosts to get back to the same level

Good to know because I know very little to nothing about gas mining I think I have level one because we were going to do a wormhole with my first Corporation and we never did so I don’t think I ever pursued anything more with it like I said I think he was just trying to point out that he wanted to specialize ship for gas and Ice we already have one for ice with the frigates

you mean like the prospect and gas mining?

yes Sir

and boosting WH ice and gas mining being one of the reasons the porpoise was added?

ice and ore not gas

what are you talking about? at the time it was added only idiots who didn’t know better mined ore in WH

When did read back to my original post it has got off topic we’ve gone into gas Mining and why it’s not boost it gas mining to my knowledge you cannot boost and if gas miners can be boosted please let me know because because I don’t know everything about gas I stated that in a previous post

you literally quoted my post where i explained gas mining was boosted

Okay thank you I miss read that and I apologize it’s been a long day I didn’t go to sleep till like 4 a.m.

The idea of the T2 Porpoise reminds me that when the Porpoise was announced, I thought it will be the T2 upgrade of the Noctis.

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