Mobile Industrial Cyno

The mobile cyno is probably one of the best things you did in 10 years.

Please make a cheaper version of the mobile cyno for industrial ships @ ~5-10m isk. It is not really profitable to haul right now with the mobile cyno.

Gone will be the days of the really bad designed mechanic of needing 10 accounts with suicide cynos. This is the road block that always stopped me from skilling a JF.

You know that you could light cynos on rookie ships in the past that cost you nothing, right? :facepalm:

I suggest reading the OP again. :facepalm:

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I read it. You still need those 10 chars because it’s much more convenient than flying 1 char to tons of different places. Your suggestion just makes it more expensive compared to the times when cynos cost you virtually nothing, which means that the MCG is decidedly not the best thing CCP did in the last 10 years.

No. It would mean I can pop a mobile cyno on my other chars and dock up, instead of sitting in space and die and waste character slots to dedicated cyno chars.

I could also jump clone to another location and drop the second mobile cyno instead of sitting in space wasting my time.

The pricing is determined by CCP.

And after you JC’d you are stuck for 20 hours. Dedicated cyno chars get you around much quicker than what you talk about because they are already in place and move around their dedicated places, not across the entire route you have to run. Another fun thing is that if your one cyno is intercepted on the way, your entire chain is dead.

So, all in all, the MCG is decidedly not the best thing CCP did in the last 10 years compared to the good mobility we had before. :slight_smile:

If you want the mobility you can keep using your cyno chars. But for those people who haul once per week an indy mobile cyno is perfect to cover 2-3 jumps without having to sacrifice your mains. There we have a good trade off as everything in Eve.

And the current mobile cyno solved the force-recon-sit-in-space-and-die-250m-problem.

Really, you can pop it and dock? I didn’t know this, they need to fix that! Off Grid is a 4 letter word!

Maybe production cost, but not market pricing.

You can build them for under 20mil go build your own.

I don’t see how these are viable as an industrial beacon anyhow. 2 minute activation. has to be 50km from a “control tower”. Does that include all structures? That would suck for a JF beacon.

No need for a dedicated cyno unless your e-peen can’t handle your mains KB having some cyno deaths.

And you can do that now by seeding some indy ships and indy cyno mods and a bit of fuel.

Personally I still wish the original idea of letting indy’s jump to a covert cyno would have been better.

I’ve seen it can be dropped right on top of player structures like a Keepstar.

Having no experience with POS fields (control tower right?) I can imagine they wanted these mobile cyno beacons to be easily killable, which they are when they are right next to a structure, but aren’t when they are within a POS field. That’s why I think they cannot be anchored within a POS.

Yea that makes sense to it is outside the POS shield. I was unclear if it affected the distance from any other structures.

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