Cyno's are prohibitively expensive

I am sure the issue has been brought up before, but the new mobile cyno inhibs are way too expensive.

I have a brick instead of carrier stuck in a low sec system from asset safety. It’s not worth it for me to move it. My corp aren’t going to fly a 120 jump round trip and spend 8 hours to help me protect a recon cyno ship. Who’s going to buy the carrier because they will have the same issue with an immovable asset?

I really don’t see what expensive cyno’s are achieving other than bricking people’s assets by not allowing them to move.

At 40 mill a pop, at least let me pick up the mobile cyno at some point after use…one time use is a complete troll when I need like 8 of them.

Last time I checked, lots of people are able to move their caps solo. I won’t say that it’s easy or risk free, but plenty of people seem to manage just fine. I dunno. Perhaps instead of complaining, you should ask for advice.

Oh, and carriers might go up in price with the new industrial changes, so you might want to pull it out of asset safety before the price updates. On the plus side, you might be able to get more if you do decide to sell it.


What advice is there to give though. I don’t even think I can fly a recon ship so I have to use a beacon, and I need 8 beacons to move it where it’s going to be useful to me. That’s 400mill at amarr prices, then fuel on top. There’s no way around that unless I find help or try and sell the damn thing.

The cost the issue…and what problem is expensive cyno’s even solving? The price doesn’t matter for group movement. These cyno changes just make it a headache for people who have taken a break and got tons of stuff stuck in random systems as a result.

the thing is : that change did not increase usual cyno price.

Please explain. If you mean the module, I’m obviously not talking about the module am I. I’m talking about the equipment you need to light a cyno.

If it’s really that much of an issue, just sell it. Not only does CCP not control the price of these modules (since the market is player controlled), they’re not going to change it over the complaints of one person who is too scared to risk his Recon ship to move a dingy carrier.

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Thanks for that input big brain.

Yes they are since they designed it to be built from a certain amount of things and made it one time use only. I’m also talking about beacons, which are the only alternative to using a recon ship. I thought it would be pretty obvious but it seems everybody think’s I’m talking about the actual module for some reason when it costs 3 mill.

It’s not about being scared, it’s just a dumb idea. I don’t play the game to feed expensive ships to big brains.

Already done, big brain.

The price of items in Eve depends on who own them and where they are.

Complaining about that is entitled warrior whining. (ewwww)

Big brain doesn’t understand the concept of base price.

I know you don’t.

So, working as intended.

If you think cynos are too expensive for it to be worth it to move your carrier, then don’t move your carrier!

Problem solved.

(Now if you still want to get some value for your carrier without moving it, you could put it on the hypernet and let it be someone else’s problem. Maybe they do have a recon ship and the means to protect it.)

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You have value of carrier then subtract fuel and cyno move costs and then you have break even price. Sell carrier at old location to recover equal or more than break even price and buy new carrier at destination.

Likely you will come out ahead with less effort selling the old carrier (even at a discount) and buying a new one.

Either way the choice is yours. You can do things the hard way or the easy way.


I know there are players out there who have different philosophies when it comes to this sort of thing, but I don’t think CCP owes cheap and easy cap ownership to every player that wants one. I’ve already lived through capital proliferation, and I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to see a return to those conditions. So, as far as I’m concerned, either pay the cost of cap ownership, or sell it. I know, no one likes nerfs; but I do believe that these changes are good for the game as a whole.

And, in case you’re curious, here’s why CCP made the cyno changes.

I’m not saying it has to be cheap, but it shouldn’t cost the value of a carrier to move it. It makes it impossible to move and impossible to sell.

You have a carrier.

40 mil is too expensive?


That’s 40 mill for one jump + labour. I need to jump it 8 times to get it from asset safety to where I am now.

That’s still less than the cost of a couple of recons or even just your fighters.

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Only if you consider the raw ISK cost for the beacon. Time is not free.

You can also sell your recon ship and get all your investment back.

I might be wrong by doesn’t lighting a cyno lock your ship in place and make a warpable beacon in everyones overview? Every cyno lit from that recon will possible be its last if you are lighting them in hostile territory. So there is the risk aspect to be considered aswell.

Correct, which is why the new one-time-use anchorable mobile cyno is a relatively cheap alternative to sacrificing a recon ship for each jump in hostile systems.