Mobile Scan Inhibitors?

Yep. Also you would be able to properly ambush someone. Using different words this would be pretty useful tool.

Current implementation is just:

I agree there aren’t many use cases. But if it didn’t show on d-scan it would be too powerful.

Like the silence now from @Shark_Bait suggests to me he’s just now realising how unrealistic the expectation is to have to combat probe potentially empty systems to find an enemy and then go back and get your pvp ship.

i went silent because i coudn’t be bothered to explain to you about mobile depots and offline modules

So you’re answer is to start a roam with half a fit and if you get into a fight at a gate, try to change mods…?

zzzzz bored

Impotent more like.

Almost no one flies with combat probes fit with good reason, anyone not an idiot knows this. And the idea that scan inhibitors be immune to d-scan themselves means that you are entirely undetectable except to the very few people that not only have combat probes on their fit but are also randomly probing systems on the off chance there’s someone hiding.

You think that’s going to happen?


As an exercise, over the next few days when you are roaming, don’t use d-scan. At all. Use only combat probes to find targets. And try your mobile depot strategy.


Combat fit + probes scanner

You’re the one missing the point. The whole point IS to say “There’s potentially a threat here, I dare you to do something about it.”

Like I said already, if you just want to hide, use a Cloak.

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So i ask again:

Because the answer to that question is the only ships that will be remotely fast enough to catch someone under a scan inhibitor, and that’s assuming they are probing potentially empty systems.

You see that as the way forward? Anyone using a scan inhibitor is undetectable unless someone in a certain group of ships with a certain mod is probing every system they enter?

Like I said. Go roaming for a few days without using d-scan. Combat probes only. Tell me how it went.

i went well been doing it for years

So you’ve been roaming without dscan for years?

That level of dishonesty just to prove your point sums up your position nicely.


no been roaming with probes for years dscan is built in to the ship

Like the silence now from @Daichi_Yamato after I sent him a mutual war declaration .

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