Directional scan auto-repeat

Would be nice to have auto-repeat on the dscan, say every few seconds or preset intervals.

It already auto scans on system jumping.

We already spam the dscan key anyway.


no… no auto this… no auto that… stop with this automation ■■■■■■■■.


Players probably macro the dscan key anyway.

And it currently is automatic already, on every jump.

That would only come packed with local chat blackout, hence I am absolutely against this.

Local is already delayed in w-space.

Metalliminal clouds should delay local in null too imo.

Local is not mr.radar, not even close.

Once a minute. Or it’ll be too powerful.

Automation should be much less effective than doing it yourself.

Report bots.

Crusty old players hate changes but honestly D-Scan should have been implemented differently from the start, this idea would certainly make running around less tedious and less tendonitis inducing.

I like the idea…

Should be applied to Hacking and PI too… Everything that’s a click fest.

In fact Autopilot should also automatically do ‘Warp to Gate / Jump’.

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