D-SCAN - game design choices

D-SCAN is a unique and great mechanic. But yesterday after pressing the letter V more than a hundred times I started to search a way to do it automatically.
Yes, that’s the problem in it’s design. This kind of game design push people to use bots and keypressers.
And please? We are Soo advanced and our ships can’t automatically scan the system every 5 second? Even a submarine in the sixties would do that constantly.

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The problem with automatic D-Scan every 5sec is Server Load.

Could always revert the key und change, then you would have to drag your mouse over every 5 seconds.

I forgot something:

Subs usually use passive Sonar, so they see other sources of sound. This would be equivalent to a passive D-Scan were you only see actively scanning other objects.

Active Sonar is always problematic since it also gives your position to anyone else. This would be like active D-Scan showing any and all ships in Sensor Range your position, so they’d know exactly where to look for you.

Gameplaywise that would be way more interesting than the current version.

Non cloaked and active in system? Anyone else sees you on D-Scan.
Cloaked and passive D-Scan? You see anyone non-cloaked and active, but aren’t seen yourself.
Cloaked and actively scanning? People get a signal from you even being cloaked.

That sounds really interesting. But I doubt CCP would do that.
I’m just tired of hitting the same key forever. My point is, this is the kind of mechanic the begs to be automated. Took me 30 minutes to write a .net bot to keep randomly pressing V forever. I’m not using. But my carpal tunnels beg for some rest!

Cloaks work by warping/bending all and any signals and light around your ship, thus passive D-scan intel should not be accessible to cloaked ship nor should they be able to scan anything. Generally speaking you shouldn’t even be able to see overview while cloaked.


I would also guess it is an intended design. By being manual you have to make a choice between how safe you are willing to be (how often you are willing to click) and so forth.

That’s exactly what I’m questioning. The design made me seek a way to automate it.

But that server load already exists. The only change is that the scan is automatic instead of pressing a button every 5 seconds, the frequency of the scan isn’t increasing at all.

Sorry, but that’s stupid design. Risk vs. reward should be about making interesting decisions where multiple options are potentially valid, not about how much you’re willing to put up with bad interface design to do the obvious correct thing.


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