CCP Please , I need shipboard scan automatic loop and stock market

I have two suggestions:
1 I had to keep pressing the V key to check other players in the wormhole. I hope the game’s shipboard scan can have an automatic loop function to free up my hands.
2. Each legion in the game has its own stocks, which is good, but it would be even better if there was a stock market to trade these stocks.

No, you do not. You’d lose the ability to dscan whenever you want and would get a dscan only in a set interval that is longer than what you can do manually. You’d be at a higher risk of missing something with automatic dscan because there needs to be a drawback for game inherent automation.

Use the Forum Search. This has been suggested before and there are numerous reasons against it: hard to implement, hard to set rules to prevent abuse, hard to enforce payment of dividends, hard to do anything really with them because corporations don’t create income like IRL corps that could create dividends in the first place.

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Even if the game automatically pressed V for you, it would still be up to you to actually look at it when it shows new information.

I would rather consciously press V and then look at the result than to have the game go
ping - now you have to look.
ping - look at it
ping - look
ping - look
ping - look! there is a new result!
ping - look. The result is gone. You didn’t look right? Busy looking elsewhere? You missed the sign of danger!
ping - look
ping - look
ping - look. You again forgot to look!
ping - look!
ping - look!!
Suddenly an enemy ship decloaks right next to you and tackles your ship. You fight for your life
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
different ping - look, here’s your insurance payout!

You would be a mindless slave to the automation.
Unless looking, warning and warping away also becomes automated, but do we really have a game left by the time everything is automated?


If you desire automatic D-scan use macro keyboard. Using single press macro should be ok by EULA. I definitely don’t want automatic D-scan.

Macros are not ok with eula

people wonder why Eve online is so tedious and less fun these days doing stuff like directional scanning for hours on end is super boring and tiring it’s such a pain in the ass I stopped doing it occasionally lose a ship it’s better than being bored out of my mind and getting Carpal tunnel from directional scan there’s also always the curse in local it will kill you anyway

We had a huge dumpster fire of a thread on this not long ago.

Auto D-Scan would cause a huge, collosal, mindblowing amount of additional server load.

Hence, it is highly unlikely to get added in until quantum servers are A Thing™.

that’s complete bull crap if that is the case I rather have them remove the directional scan completely

it’s terrible design I think it’s better people not knowing who’s in local then needing to rely on something like directional scan there’s a lot of terrible design in this game it needs to go still

there’s a lot of unnecessary clicking in this game and other tasks it totally kills your motivation to log in directional scan is one of many things

people think they’re safe cuz they constantly spam directional scan all they’re doing is hurting their hand and maybe raising their blood pressure a little bit every time see something new on the directional scan don’t forget their ships immune to it so it might as well not exist at all

I challenge CCP to turn it off for one month get rid of its ability to scan ships

also making it automatic I doubt it will make a lot of demand I think people spamming the V key to use it causes more demand than automating it honestly on the server

So every ship upon undock starts auto scanning dscan, compared to a fraction of players hitting it excessively?

I thought by now someone else would point out that the people asking for D-Scan to be automated don’t really want D-Scan with all its features. All they want to know is whether there is something in the area they might ought to be concerned about without having to mash a button every few seconds to find out.

When in carpal tunnel mode, D-Scan is set to max range and 720 degrees to answer the question ‘is anybody there that wasn’t there before?’ People pick on D-Scan because it is the only option currently available for determining the answer to the question, and this question is only pertinent inside areas of space without local to report such information.

I’ve already said that I don’t like that D-Scan ‘gameplay’ and I didn’t spend much time in areas of space that encourage me to use this feature this way. That said, the game doesn’t seem to be disproportionately broken, either, given the people who seem content with it. I just like to be transparent about my bias. I don’t like it, but I don’t object to it being the way it is.

I also see a lot of talk about how horrible the server load would be, but I have my doubts that these people do a lot of programming of this sort. There is no way on earth I’d calculate these values every time someone presses a button when I could cache the results the first time. There is no way I’d calculate these values for every individual ship when at these ranges I could do it once per grid and use that value for every ship on that grid. Certainly the server load to do more is going to be more, but I don’t think it’s nearly to the extent that folks are making it out to be.

I would like to be convinced that the way things currently work is actually good, in spite of my bias, but the focus on server load and having auto D-scan erase your window results when you wanted to keep them are not convincing, but rather sidestep the crux of the complaint or weakly assert it is impossible to address and therefore not worth discussion.

Displaying the total number of D-Scan detectable ships in lieu of the player count in local while in an area where the total number of players in the system is not accurately shown would suffice to address pretty much all substantive concerns for both sides. Mashing a key every couple of seconds would not be required, server load would be low, it would require attention, and it would not interfere with D-Scan as it is currently used.

By all means tell me why this would be bad, but if you’re trying to convince me the status quo is best, stay away from arguments based on server load, or solely the laziness of the operator without explaining why that laziness contributes to some other negative effect. I realize some people are looking for hard data, but for me personally subjective personal experience is valid and convincing if earnestly delivered. I don’t have to agree with you to accept that your position is reasonable, and that’s all I’m looking for: A reasonable objection that details how people (any people) would be negatively affected gameplay wise. I’m not here to argue, I am here to listen.

D-Scan causing server load is direct from CCP.

And your concept of caching stuff neglects the fact that ships move, sometimes quite significant distances.

D-Scan isn’t used to tell you what’s on grid. You can see that in your overview. D-Scan tells you whats not on grid.