CCP Please , I need shipboard scan automatic loop and stock market

I have two suggestions:
1 I had to keep pressing the V key to check other players in the wormhole. I hope the game’s shipboard scan can have an automatic loop function to free up my hands.
2. Each legion in the game has its own stocks, which is good, but it would be even better if there was a stock market to trade these stocks.

No, you do not. You’d lose the ability to dscan whenever you want and would get a dscan only in a set interval that is longer than what you can do manually. You’d be at a higher risk of missing something with automatic dscan because there needs to be a drawback for game inherent automation.

Use the Forum Search. This has been suggested before and there are numerous reasons against it: hard to implement, hard to set rules to prevent abuse, hard to enforce payment of dividends, hard to do anything really with them because corporations don’t create income like IRL corps that could create dividends in the first place.

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Even if the game automatically pressed V for you, it would still be up to you to actually look at it when it shows new information.

I would rather consciously press V and then look at the result than to have the game go
ping - now you have to look.
ping - look at it
ping - look
ping - look
ping - look! there is a new result!
ping - look. The result is gone. You didn’t look right? Busy looking elsewhere? You missed the sign of danger!
ping - look
ping - look
ping - look. You again forgot to look!
ping - look!
ping - look!!
Suddenly an enemy ship decloaks right next to you and tackles your ship. You fight for your life
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
ping - look there is a ship on dscan!
different ping - look, here’s your insurance payout!

You would be a mindless slave to the automation.
Unless looking, warning and warping away also becomes automated, but do we really have a game left by the time everything is automated?


If you desire automatic D-scan use macro keyboard. Using single press macro should be ok by EULA. I definitely don’t want automatic D-scan.

Macros are not ok with eula