Hello im new and

(Juanlu16 DeGalicia) #1

I heard across internet about the great goonswarm,how could i join it

PD:I barely ended the tutorial

(Do Little) #2

The GSF feeder corp: https://recruit.karmafleet.org/

Edit: their home page: https://www.karmafleet.org/

(Juanlu16 DeGalicia) #3

Thank you

(DeMichael Crimson) #4


Welcome to Eve and gratz on finishing the tutorial.

Hopefully you completed all of the Career Agents as well, they give you a good jumpstart into the game.


May you have a long rewarding career here.



(Juanlu16 DeGalicia) #5

TY for the help,im loving this community

(Norm Aideron) #6

How do you know if you completed all the career agents? Are there more then the five careers at the University?

(Juanlu16 DeGalicia) #7

I saw in the youtube video,they should just disappear of the hud when they have no more missions

(DeMichael Crimson) #8

No, there’s only 5 different types of Career Agents available, Business, Industry, Exploration, Military, Advanced Military.

However if needed there are 3 different set’s of those 5 Career Agents available in case you messed up or want to redo their missions.

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