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I’m interested in joining the Goonswarm, under the KarmaFleet, but it says I need a token from an officer or a director. I’m brand spanking new (got finished with the general tutorial and got promptly lost looking for an “anomaly” for an Agent a week ago and haven’t logged on since) and have heard good things about the Goonswarm. How do I get a token, and then how do I find the Goonswarm’s place of operations in-game?


Here’s their website - you can click the join today button and submit the form.

Goons live in Delve, in the southwest corner of New Eden

The easiest way to get there is set your home station to their staging system and self destruct.

Goons are currently defending in a major war - if that’s the kind of gameplay you’re interested in, now’s a good time to get invoved.

Good luck.


I tried to submit the form, and I need a token.

@Brisc_Rubal can you help this gentleman?

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Did you ask in the karma fleet Public EVE channel?

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Genuinely have only played two sessions, and didn’t know that existed, so I’m gonna try and ask them asap.

No worries, I have chars via Karma and via other corps in the past in Goons. But because I was known joining was never a problem.

I am sure somebody there can assist.

Turns out applications are closed and I’ll have to wait a couple months. I can be patient, so this is fine.

Yes… On a “war” footing currently.

Yeah, most likely Goons have closed their recruitment as likely did all major entities in the current war.

Otherwise anybody might as well roll out the red carpet to spies from the other camp.

So yeah, best bet would be to hang around in their public channel. Talk to them and get to know them and wait for recruitment to go open again

Closed recruitment…as if there aren’t already a boatload of spies in there…but ok…

Welcome to EvE, OP. May it bee entertaining for you.

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Sorry that we couldn’t help. If you’re still interested when the wars over, however long that takes, I hope to see you reapply.

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Even though we are on opposite sides on the war.

Let’s hope on good fights and that eventually the OP can join in on the fun that is nullsec😊

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