Desire to join goons

I have been seeking to join goons and attempted to join karma fleet however was rejected and I believe it is from a mistake I made in the past. with that said I would still like to join goons and would like to know if anyone may or may not be able to give me an idea of a group I can attempt to apply to next? I am an avid capital pilot and take pride and joy in helping all pilots of new Eden.

Why join goons? Join an alliance where you’ll actually matter. Check us out if you’re interested.

honestly I was in TEST and shot at you guys on more than one occasion and mean no offense because my experience with you guys were mostly ops that was full feed not your corp specifically but frt. but my time to play was very limited but its what I was seeing personally and I remember feeling bad for you guys ( I am not saying this was or is normal by any means I was rarely on grid warping around to give warp points and staying out of range of bad things with the occasional cap stage) I have a desire for goons due to its one of the few big boys I never flew with another one being PL but I’m not too keen on them personally myself. I want to stress that I mean no disrespect but you asked why goons.

Well if blob warfare is what you want, then go for goons. Feeds are made on all sides at some point. Good luck o7

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