Warning before declining/cancelling the career agent missions?

Just a thought, something like this might be a good idea to improve the new player experience, and help reduce the number of people who need to contact support about breaking the tutorial quest chain. Someone suggested it in the rookie help channel, and I recommended posting there but they said they couldn’t be bothered, so I figured I might as well do it.

I’ve been a vocal new person on the topic of wanting hisec to still allow PvP, but that doesn’t mean I think the new player experience needs to be more harsh in other ways. This is an area where it could do with improvement. Also the exploration agent, but that’s a story for another thread…


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There is a warning for declining missions. It says something about declining a mission every 24h hours and standing going down if done too often.

It says that in text under the mission description, not as a popup as I was suggesting. And like you said…

Actually it’s more than 2 declined missions in 4 hours, and all it says is that declining the missions will reduce your standing with the faction. The bit which is more important here: it DOESN’T warn you that cancelling the missions breaks the quest chain so you can’t continue the career agent missions after declining one. They simply don’t talk to you again and you have to contact support to get the quest chain fixed. It’s a fairly common problem being discussed in the rookie help channel because every time someone does it, they don’t realise - in part because that generic message which is relevant to normal mission agents doesn’t tell you the relevant information for career agents and partly because new players are new and might not be scrolling to the bottom of the mission description to even see that “warning” (which isn’t the warning needed in this situation anyway).


I think EVE already has too many pop-ups but okay.

Really? I haven’t declined a mission in a couple of years. Last time I did I was able to continue with the same agent like nothing happened.
I guess things change.

Again… specifically for the career agents not just any mission agents. They’re a specific sequence of missions for new players, which didn’t exist when you’re talking about. It’s not an issue with the missions you’ve done any more than it was in the past. It’s only a problem for a specific set of mission agents who are there as an introduction for new players. But because they’re handled differently from the normal mission agents, their quest lines break when you cancel or decline their missions at any point, instead of being available to pick back up later like every other mission type in the game.

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Damn I didn’t know that. I always went through career missions without refusing any.
Thank you for the info.


Don’t think they are handled differently. Any mission chain (regular missions, COSMOS, SoE arc and so on) works the same as far as I know, if you fail, let it expire or cancel a mission in any chain the chain breaks.

(Especially bad in case of COSMOS as those are one per lifetime per character, at least you can do the career agent at a different school’s station thus 12 total including your starting school, unless they changed this but COSMOS you can never repeat on the same character.)

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Yeah, the difference between career agent and normal missions is that the normal missions don’t prevent you from being able to interact with the mission giver, you can get a new mission from them, and often end up being given the same mission again later down the track.

I didn’t explain that very well previously though, so thanks for the clarification and correction from how I’d tried to explain it previously. And for the warning about COSMOS! o7

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