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I’m new.
Performed mission agent Shishai Samanuni Division: sales of 0.7 Suroken VII - Moon 2 - Storage of mineral raw materials Hyasyoda Corporation*.
The missions are repeated in a circle, there is no end, although the learning missions were final from all agents.
Wrote in support, received the answer:
Welcome, Avila Airuta, GM MerNaiden connected.
Thank you for contacting EVE Online Player Experience.
Yes, level 1-5 agent missions are repeated. You can fulfill their endlessly. I would suggest you find a higher-level agent. You can find them under agents and missions (Alt+M).
This answer has warped me as so, about it where it is not written, I have requested:
Is there a warning in the last mission that this is the last?
Unfortunately not. I realize that’s not the most obvious thing in the game. I can pass your comment to a special team at CCP. I cannot guarantee any changes due to your feedback, but I assure you that all the opinions of the players are taken into account and form our decisions.
I recommend to submit your opinion on the EVE Online forum, as the discussion of the issue by the community of players significantly affects the implementation of new ideas…
What do you mean, not the most obvious thing in the game? I.e. a novice player should immediately run to make claims? Maybe I want to feel the atmosphere by performing missions not related to the plot.
You can also add a warning in the final job that the job is the last, you can contact another agent or repeat the missions of this agent.

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Ok. Where is question?

Number of unique security missions is around 30? They vary depending on in what region you are doing missions (type of NPC you will encounter) and lvl of missions (based on from what lvl agent you take missions). But in general they are very repetitive and sometimes you even get same mission one after another.

EVE is a sandbox. If you are looking for “quests” with story-line etc. you won’t find many of them here.


Regular missions are repeatable ad infinitum and are selected randomly from a fairly small pool of the same old ones.

Some players have been doing the the same missions over and over for years.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with doing that…but many have considered it not the most exiting way to play the game. However - in a sandbox game, all players should be able to do as they choose.

Some people do missions to make a little ISK to fund other things they are doing in EvE (and the money in missions is in the things one buys from the loyalty point store to resell, not in the rewards for completing the missions). Some people like to find the optimal way to run missions fastest, others have their reasons.

Players have been asking the devs for many years for different missions, perhaps even something such as procedurally generated missions, but the devs have declined to do so.

Seems likely it might be a kind of “tough love” situation…devs are encouraging players to go outside of scripted mission-running and discover the “real” EvE - which is the incredibly rich tapestry woven by player actions and interactions.

So by all means do missions…just keep in mind there is much more to EvE.

If you have not done the Sisters of Eve (SoE) epic arc yet you might like that. It is the one epic arc designed for newer players.

finally - posting correspondence between you / devs is a no-no. Perhaps because every situation is different and they don’t want the avalanche of whingeing that could result from we the masses internet-lawyering every word with incomplete context.

o7 enjoy EvE


Hello and welcome to Eve.

When your character gets stuck in game, you can file a Support Ticket and ask for assistance. Usually those tickets are answered and resolved rather quickly, sometimes all that’s required is a mission reset. However some of the Agents are lazy and will only offer their mission after being instructed by a GM. If no help is received from Customer Support during your first contact, just politely request that your Ticket be escalated to a Senior GM.

Anyway, at first glance I thought you were referring to Circle Agents. Just in case you were, here’s some info on them. Remember this is old info and over the years CCP may have made some changes to these Agents and their locations.

Circle Agents offer small cargo courier missions and when completed, will give a referral to another Agent in the group. That Agent then refers the player to another Agent who also refers the player to another Agent, etc. Eventually the player will end up back with the original starting Agent. The 4 major Factions (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar) each have their own group of Circle Agents located in high security systems.

All Circle Agents are Level 1 and available to all players. Each Agent in the group will give the player Corporation Standing increase and only one Agent in the group will give Faction Standing increase. Doesn’t matter how many times the circle is completed, the Faction Standing increase is only granted the first time by one Agent.

Some of the Circle Agents can offer 2 different missions so it’s a good idea to request another mission from those Agents after completing their first mission offer. There have been reports that some of the Circle Agents are overworked and will no longer offer their mission after it’s completed the first time. However, that information has yet to be verified.

Amarr Empire Circle Agents

Agent = Ain Ikani
Corporation = Imperial Navy
Location = Youl 7 Moon 10 - Amarr Navy Logistic Support
Mission = ‘To the Front Lines’

Referral to:
Agent = Ilia Abazen
Corporation = Carthum Conglomerate
Location = Myyhera 5 Moon 1 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory
Mission = ‘Robotics For Sarum Family’
Mission = ‘The Carthum Executive’

Referral to:
Agent = Korini Nakan
Corporation = Sarum Family
Location = Ekid 10 - Sarum Family Logistic Support
Mission = ‘Cargo Transportation’

Referral to:
Agent = Kanori Agored
Corporation = Ministry of War
Location = Akhragan 8 - Ministry of War Archives
Mission = ‘Equipping The Troops’

Referral to:
Agent = Utaka Orasa
Corporation = Imperial Navy
Location = Bhizheba 9 Moon 1 - Amarr Navy Logistic Support
Mission = ‘Ready for Relocation’

Referral to:
Agent = Ain Ikani (Start)

Caldari State Circle Agents

Agent = Furas Vaupero
Corporation = Caldari Navy
Location = Maurasi 9 Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
(Agent in space outside station)
Mission = ‘Cargo Transportation’

Referral to:
Agent = Jeka Vantoh
Corporation = Chief Executive Panel
Location = New Caldari Prime Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau
Mission = ‘Building Blocks’ (Part 1)
Mission = ‘Building Blocks’ (Part 2)

Referral to:
Agent = Onmi Mara
Corporation = Kaalakiota Corporation
Location = Nonni 3 Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
Mission = ‘Need a Lift’

Referral to:
Agent = Yrmek Penola
Corporation = Mercantile Club
Location = Kaimon 3 Moon 25 - Mercantile Club Bureau
Mission = ‘Tobacco Run’

Referral to:
Agent = Irsen Alaja
Corporation = Mercantile Club
Location = Kaimon 3 Moon 25 - Mercantile Club Bureau
Mission = ‘Tourist Run’

Referral to:
Agent = Enanato Imeri
Corporation = Nugoeihuvi Corporation
Location = Poinen 4 Moon 13 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio
Mission = ‘From Development to Publishing’

Referral to:
Agent = Hann Najus
Corporation = Nugoeihuvi Corporation
Location = Josameto 8 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Publisher
Mission = ‘To Create Silicate Glass You Need …’

Referral to:
Agent = Samora Miven
Corporation = Sukuuvestaa Corporation
Location = Josameto 3 Moon 1 - Suukevesta Corporation Factory
Mission = ‘For the Army’

Referral to:
Agent = Furas Vaupero (Start)

Gallente Federation Circle Agents

Agent = Iole Radin
Corporation = Federation Navy
Location = Luminaire 7 Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
Mission = ‘Manning The Front Lines’

Referral to:
Agent = Ansa Vanonari
Corporation = Chemal Tech
Location = Unel 9 - Chemal Tech Factory
Mission = ‘Lack Of Silicon’

Referral to:
Agent = Ihanani Oksen
Corporation = CreoDron
Location = Noghere 7 Moon 15 - CreoDron Warehouse
Mission = ‘Construction Supplies’

Referral to:
Agent = Ossa Blaus
Corporation = Duvolle Laboratories
Location = Oursulaert 7 Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Research Center
Mission = ‘More Quafe Please…’

Referral to:
Agent = Lorchaert Brounave
Corporation = Quafe Company
Location = Arant 5 Moon 14 - Quafe Company Factory
Mission = ‘To Quench the Thirst…’

Referral to:
Agent = Ley Serene
Corporation = Federal Administration
Location = Algogille 9 Moon 3 - Federal Administration Information Center
Mission = ‘VIP Transportation’

Referral to:
Agent = Iole Radin (Start)

Minmatar Republic Circle Agents

Agent = Half Triat
Corporation = Republic Fleet
Location = Lustrevik 7 Moon 7 - Republic Fleet Logistic Support
Mission = ‘Retrieve The Ammo’
Mission = ‘Uranium Transportation’

Referral to:
Agent = Hakar Ogok
Corporation = Core Complexion Inc.
Location = Arlek 1 Moon 5 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory
Mission = ‘Low on Supplies’

Referral to:
Agent = Eslin Stein
Corporation = Urban Management
Location = Odatrik 9 Moon 2 - Urban Management Storage
Mission = ‘Coolant Run’

Referral to:
Agent = Vilhara Vit
Corporation = Vherokior Tribe
Location = Teonusude 7 Moon 1 - Vherokior Tribe Treasury
Mission = ‘Tourists Need A Lift’
Mission = ‘Ingredients For The Native Freshfood Special’

Referral to:
Agent = Benur Errus
Corporation = Native Freshfood
Location = Gelfiven 5 - Native Freshfood Warehouse
Mission = ‘Native Freshfood Special’
Mission = ‘Clear the Trade Route’

Referral to:
Agent = Evika Deng
Corporation = Krusual Tribe
Location = Hek 4 - Krusual tribe Bureau
Mission = ‘Call to Arms’

Referral to:
Agent = Half Triat (Start)


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