Mission for skilling spree

Hi is there a mission that
does not expire
does not use a gate
has 10 easy nps to kill?

Well, career agent missions and the SoE epic arc missions might not expire. But don’t quote me on that.

Personally, I used to use combat anoms. They’re everywhere, and you can check systems up to one jump away through the agency (bookmark anomalies to save a few clicks).

I also swear to batman that certain systems spawn more anoms than others. Other people have told me that it must be due to people not running in those systems, which results in anoms accumulating in there. But I’ll frequently see guys come in, run all the anoms, and then they’ll be back a few hours later. Regardless, I don’t know what your situation is, but if you’re doing this for SP farm toons/P.I. alts/whatever, you can just post them up in one of those systems in kiting destroyers with hyperspat rigs fit (long range means that you don’t have to chase down targets in most anoms -and you can often avoid the anoms that do require burning in towards rats). Depending on traffic and system sec status, I wouldn’t even bother docking your toons.
No P2W

There is an issue with career agent missions were the site does despawn after a while.
I have not tried SOE I will see if sites don’t despawn after a while.

I have a lot of chars, and hunting for anons is boring.

Did CCP remove these Rogue Cloning Facility - EVE University Wiki ? Because if not they should be perfect for this (each rat respawns after like one minute after being killed), they should be in every starter system as warpable beacon if I recall correctly unless CCP removed them.

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Hi why can’t
You just accept
A level 1 mission
Every time and
Just finish it?

Level 1 missions work really well. You can keep them alive for up to 7 days depending on how many frigs you need to kill.

Other than that, you probably have to look at cosmos constellations and farm the perpetually respawning NPCs there. They are much harder than L1s, though.

level 1 missions do not fit the requirements that I posted =)

and neither do COSMOS Agent** unless you intend to complete their Mission within 7 days.

The expiry condition cannot be met in EVE because all missions expire after 7 days. All anoms and signatures expire after 7 days as well. Static cosmos sites are the only things that should not expire and always stay in the same area. Similarly, you can also use cosmos scan sites in cosmos constellations because they will always respawn in the same constellation.

Other than that I don’t now anything else that could work.

Low end high sec combat anomalies. Problem solved.

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