Career agent mission bug (Enforcer mission 4/10)

When I warp to the location of the site, the site is empty.

What should I do?

There’s a few missions and DED sites where rats only spawn after a certain time has passed, or only spawn after you approached some location (which sometimes is and sometimes isn’t hinted by quest / DED comments)

Some missions trigger when you approach the warp in beacon. It’s bad design, but that’s how it is. A few of the career missions wont spawn rats until after you start mining.

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I have the same problem, and there is nothing to mine.
the stargate that’s supposed to be there simply doesn’t appear.
I looked it up on youtube I watch people that are not bugged warp there, the stargate is there.
But it is just empty, nothing to mine. nothing happens when waiting.

F12 to bring up the help pages. Click the appropriate button in the client (I think the middle one). It will take you to Eve’s Help Center where at the top there’s a button on the website that says “Create A Report” or similar. For category choose “Agent Mission in Progress” and enter your description. Then a GM will look at your issue.

If you have dx12 enabled, try disabling it in the launcher. Some people are having issues with it.

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