Belt Rats attacking in missions

Having an issue where belt rats are coming after me in my missions.

I have cleared the actual npc’s that are part of the mission. I am going around collecting salvage, loot, and then work on mining the asteroids. These are all things included in the missions as part of the reward structure for completing them is my understanding.

As soon as I try mining the asteroids, the belt rats show up magically. No combat probes to scan down my dead space bubble. They don’t use the acceleration gate required to access the spot I am in. Just completely ignore the mechanics/rules of the game as I have come to understand them.

My assumption is this is a bug. That these rats are not supposed to enter mission sites. But have not gotten a response to confirm this. Has anyone else had this problem, reported it, and gotten an official response on what is intended? Do the belt rats protect all rocks in space no matter where they cry out for help from?

I assume you’re talking about mining missions? Examine mission-specific behavior at EVE Uni and EVE survival and determine if it is a bug (unlikely) or intended behavior (ie. mining rock = rat warp-in trigger)

These are level 2 security agent missions. “The Drone Infestation” specifically is the issue I am having it on right now, but I have been invaded in other missions I have tried to collected the ore in. They don’t bother me when I loot or salvage, but trying to mine the asteroids gets a squad of battle-cruisers warping in on me.

A few things:

  • Under no circumstance at all whatesoever should you EVER mine ore in missions unless it is required (restricted to mining missions)
  • There is a 99.99% chance this is intended behavior given that it is a security mission
  • Never salvage L1-L4 missions or loot L1-L3 missions. You earn more, better-quality salvage in a shorter period of time hitting up Relic sites than you get from L1 missions, and the quantity and value of loot in L1-L3 missions isn’t worth much - you’re better off moving on to the next mission and getting more ISK (primarily from bounties) and LP and raising standings toward L4 missions where maximum profits are to be made. Even L4s aren’t worth looting outside of using an MTU to tractor while you kill, and only taking whatever it managed to loot when you finish clearing a room and leaving behind the rest.
  • If you’d like to learn how to blitz missions and be paid handsomely to run them, I’m the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], and we hire mission runners to service our clients. Work whenever you want as often as you want, no quotas. Several Alphas working for us ISK->PLEX->Omega within a week of working for us with the revenue they made. If you’d like to learn more, join the USIA Discord and we can discuss further.

The goal here isn’t isk/hour related. I can buy isk when I need it.
Trying to live Amish style where I make/loot everything I need to function on my own. Trying to have as little interaction with the market as possible.
Thought the low level missions would be a nice fit since they give me access to veldspar in null sec.
And while I could just kill the belt rats that spawn that would hurt the faction standing. Seeing as I am 2.0+ with Sansha’s Nation AND 9.97 with True Power the corp those belt rats are in you would think they might just leave me alone.
But since they are not diamond rats they don’t care about standings.

Interesting. I thought CCP removed three mineable ore from combat missions.

Only some combat missions; many still have mineable rocks.

I’m inclined to say belt rats in mission deadspace is a bug. No new NPCs should spawn in mission space after the site is cleared and the objective is flagged as complete, as far as I know.

Feel free to ignore what @Archer_en_Tilavine said. He did not even understand your post and has some kind of forum addiction that makes him want to reply regardless, sometimes troll the thread to have fun even.

Whether mining is an activity worth doing is another issue, but doing it in mission sites is actually a good idea IF you really want to mine.

With that cleared up, having normal asteroid belt rats magically spawn in missions sites that you’re mining is normal, yes. There are some things NPC rats do that make no sense, that’s not the only one.

Well, it could be a “bug” in that it was an unintended side-effect of some other changes, but it could also be intended. I’m not sure where you heard or read that belt rats were not suppose to enter mission sites. Just because they never did before doesn’t mean CCP changed something as part of their work on the economy and they are suppose to now. Or maybe the bug was that they always were intended to spawn wherever mining was possible but never did for 15+ years and someone fixed that. Or maybe, when they removed most mine-able rocks in missions, they changed it so that the normal belt-spawn mechanics were now active for the few they left.

In any case, if the economy/ecology team is looking at this, I bet they would be happy with this even if it was unintended. I’d also be curious if CCP has given you or someone else a response on this apparent change.

AFAIK, this has always been the case, or at least since I started playing the game more than 10 years ago. I don’t think this is anything new.


Only from those missions with particularly high m3. Though I expect they’ll get around to the rest given a little more time.

It is fine if they want to make the area more dangerous, but the NPC’s should still have to scan down the mission site like players do. That way a person who is paying attention to Dscan can know to warp out, cloak, etc.

And they should be changed to diamond NPC’s so that having standings matters. I am of the opinion that standings should always matter regardless if there is a diamond in front of the npc name or not.

They have the system in place. They’ve shown they can make standings matter. FLIP THE SWITCH!

Be careful what you ask for, you might end up getting it, LOL.

These are common belt rats. You don’t see them on dscan just like you don’t see common belt rats on dscan either, but that’s not really a problem because unlike the diamond rats that you’re asking for, they’re very easy to deal with, you just have to be aware they may spawn there too. This is really a non-issue…

Diamond rats are neutral to me this point. And that is the weird part. Say I was at high enough standing to get reps from diamond rats. Would they repair me while I am being attacked by non diamond rats of the same faction?

All diamond rats are neutral to you? FOB rats too?

Anyway, that’s not a reason to pretend they should be changed so they’re more convenient for you, is it?

There are multiple types of threats. You have to figure how to deal with each of them, not pretend they should all be changed to whatever happens to be more convenient for you

Agreed. I just want a system that makes sense. If I am friendly with x faction, x faction should not attack me. The rats don’t even need to be upgraded to actual diamond combat abilities. Just follow the same standing rules.

Yea that’s not how that works. Regardless of your standings with a pirate, they’ll still attack you. Think of them as rogue pirates and they don’t care if you sleep with their boss. They still wanna kill you.