Battleships in level 1 mining missions?

Ok here goes…

I use a filament as I had no idea it would take me to 0.0 space. Well I end up there and figure since Im here in Stain, I might as well run some level 1 missions.

So I accept a level 1 mission where I have to mine 20k of bandine or some ■■■■ like that. As I am mining, battleships spawn in the level 1 mission field and I get popped instantly as I cant run due to smaller rats tackling and webbing me.

So question: how come in high security space when I mine in missions, I do not get the asteroid belt rats but when I do the same in 0.0, the level 1 mission gets the same treatment as a regular asteroid belt???

You should have google the mission name. It’s clearly stated that it has two different spawns depending on where you run the mission.

I don’t get why you are surprised that missions in dangerous space might be, you know. More dangerous?

You might either continue to complain or get something valuable from that lesson. Always check, new to you missions on uni-wiki or eve-survival. If you don’t want to learn them on your own. Which sometimes is learning the hard way. Just as you experienced.

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Battleships in a lvl 1 mission for 84 LP and 100k isk… Why not throw in a mothership as well, while we are at it… where is the logic in that???

Ah, so complaining it is…

Lower the system harder the npcs get. Main incom iznt from mission reward but from NPC bounty im expect that battleship was like 500 000 - 1m isk bounty.

Null sec is like endgame zone. Nobody expect you are to be here whit newbro skills and low level ship / fit.

Any experience player will kill that battleship in frigate easi…

Learn the game and stop complaning that HI LEVEL STUFF IS HARD FOR LOW LEVEL CHARACTER…

While a BS in a level 1 mission is a bit heavy-handed, it’s not a reason for concern. Start your orbit around the asteroid that you mine or another asteroid that keeps you in range of to be mined asteroids, and you have hardly any issue tanking the spawn.

As far as I know, all resource fields are treated like regular asteroid belts or ore anomalies and can randomly spawn NPCs. There are gas sites in null sec that never spawn asteroid belt NPCs, but since CCP removed asteroid belts from large parts of null sec and turned on the NPC spawning in other areas, they occasionally spawn even in gas cloud signatures.

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Battleships are possibly easier to deal with as mining frigate than cruisers.

If your frigate is orbiting a rock at full speed with afterburner active a cruiser can still hit you. A battleship often cannot.

True. However, a normal frigate or destroyer can easily destroy a mining ship. Even a procurer with the right weaponry.

Yes please. If it’s hard you are not high enough lvl. Irther that or your BAD

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