Site respawn

I found a cosmos mission that led me to a site with continuously spawning enemies. Is there any reason not to farm this site or will it disappear?

What site? Name of the COSMOS mission, name of the site, type of rats in the site and location of site, as in the system it is located in.

Wouldn’t that bring anyone reading this to ganking range of my ship?

Don’t you need to warp through a gate to get to the site? What? You think the gankers will wapr through the gate then slow-boat to you? But good point in general, good for you for being safe.

I think they’ll warp through the gate, haul balls to me, and kill my warp engines lol :joy:

Just in general though, the site drops good loot (considered my best and most prized ship is a battle cruiser), quickly respawns rats WITH bounties, and honestly it’s a dang good challenge…

I know a lot of people have said that afk farming infinitely respawning COSMOS missions is an exploit, but
it’s not a declared exploit, so i think it’s fine to just keep farming those rats

Most Cosmos missions are ‘Search & Retrieve’ type of encounter mission located in a static Complex marked by a beacon. Some sites are hidden and need to be scanned while other sites are temporary and only spawn for that specific mission. Most of the required items will drop as loot in the NPC wrecks. The reason for the NPC respawn is so Capsuleers can collect the required amount and complete the mission objective, such as retrieve 30x Outlaw Spurs, 25x Forged Data Disc’s, etc.

By the way, there are various sub-forums more appropriate to post threads like this in than in General Discussion.

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