A Question About NPC Missions

I have a question about the NPC mission givers in this game. I am currently running Tier 1 missions for one particular “Distribution” agent in Dodoxie. Well, I’ve been doing missions for a few days now and I am noticing that the missions are starting to repeat, even the multi-stage ones. In other MMOs I have played, the NPC mission giver has a set amount of missions to hand out and once completed, you are sent on your way to another NPC. Apparently this isn’t how it works in Eve. :grin: My question is this: should I keep doing the same missions over and over for the loot and rep, or is this the game’s way of telling me it is time to move on to a different NPC? WIll the NPC ever say “Stop! You’ve done all I can give you!”? :grinning:


NPCs will never say stop. However, you can choose to upgrade to a higher level NPC who will give you more rewards for completing missions, once you have gained enough standing with the corp or faction.

The thing is, you can keep doing the same missions from the same agent ad infinitum. A lot of mission runners actually begin to blitz missions because they are already aware of what the triggers are on how to complete security missions, and therefore finish missions very quickly and get a lot of ISK and LP points to cash in for more ISK.

So i guess its up to you.

Also, just to mention this as a side note, but there are some MMOs that allow you to repeat past quests.

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Thanks so much for explaining how NPCs work in this game. Now I need to figure out a game plan for moving from NPC to NPC. I guess once the missions start to repeat I’ll jump ship. :thinking:

There is a finite set of missions offered by all NPCs, with better missions to be handed out more likely with higher standing towards the agent. Moving from one agent to another of the same level doesn’t give you different missions, once you have seen it all.

Better standing to the corp and faction of the agent gives you access to higher level agents, with more difficult but higher reward missions.

Missions are one way to earn income in EvE, and the only way to modify standings towards corp and factions (e.g. to reduce broker fees in trade hubs).

So players choose agents to run missions for based on a) do they give the right standing boost I need and b) what can I get in their LP shop which sells well.

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There are 4 levels of missions and 3 basic types available in highsec. Higher level agents will talk to you once you gain sufficient standing with their corporation or faction. If you have completed the career missions you should have the +1 standing required for level 2 missions. Completing the SOE Epic Arc will get you close to the +3 standing needed for level 3 missions but you’ll need some skill and experience to survive the combat missions.

The Agency will show nearby agents you have enough standing to use.

There is other PVE content beyond missions https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites

Good luck!

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There are some special types of agents that do have limited number of missions they can offer:

  • career agents. Once you complete (or decline) their chain of missions they will not offer you anymore.
  • storyline agents. They contact You and offer one mission every 16 completed missions of the same level. These missions will award you faction standings upon completion. These too have some pool of missions to offer so after some time you can get the same mission again.
  • epic arc agents. These are reserved for Epic Arcs and will not offer any more missions once the mission with them is completed or declined/failed. Epic Arcs usually have higher difficulty missions compared to normal ones, but rewards are higher as well and you will get hefty faction standing boost at the end. Note: failing one mission will make you unable to proceed with Arc until it resets (6 months iirc).
  • cosmos agents. These are usually located in the space and have some strict requirements in order to get the mission. They offer rather unique rewards and you can only do their missions once so if you decline or fail mission - you will never be able to talk to them again. Failing one Cosmos agent mission may make you unable to receive mission from another.
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