Missions vs Agents cross reference?

The threads here and various references in Eve Survival, Eve University etc give me plenty of ways to find agents or missions. I’m finding it usually the case however, that a reference to a particular titled mission gives no clue to the agent I need to speak to, to start the mission.

Is there a mission / agent cross reference out there somewhere?

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Every agent has his pool of missions. Apparently gallente agent will not give you anti-gallente mission, but it is also true, that you will very rearely, if ever, get mission against gurista pirates. To get different pools you will have to install jump clones in different agents locations. I am not aware about any web site, that will name missions for each agent pools.

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I am sorry but no there isn’t. Just like erg cz said, not all agents give out all missions. It is very unlikely that a minmatar agent will give you an “Enemies Abound 1-5/5” mission or a Caldari agent will give you Mordus to kill.
The Amarr Navy and Emperor Family will give some different missions and so on.

You also have to consider that not all security agents are purely security. A long time ago there where a few more different kind of agents that would give 20% hauling missions and 80% combat missions and so on.
Some of those pools are still unchanged to this day but I saw a few more new missions during my 12 years on EVE and some of those hauling missions vanished.

However the storyline missions still do give cargo hauling or mining missions from back in the day.

From what I experienced, I can tell you the only the Navies give out “The Blockade” missions but that is all I can tell you.
But all level 4 agents will give out all burner missions at some point over time.

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So there is no way to look up a mission, say the Level 2 version of ‘Alluring Emanations’ and then find the agent who gives it?

Is it just a case of starting a conversation with one agent after another until you find a mission you like?

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No, because all agents can give that mission unless the agent is of the same faction as the mission NPC.

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Do not forget, that refusing mission more than once per 4 hour will result in standing penalty. You can find systems with 3+ security agents and try to fly between them to get the mission you want.

Ok, I think I understand. There’s a pool of missions that all agents can choose from though restricted of course by the agent’s faction and the mission NPC.

This suggests I ignore looking for specific missions unless it’s something like the Sisters of Eve epic arc or COSMOS where the agents are known.


Excellent. Thank you for putting an end to my mission frustration!

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you can go on the test server and use /booststandings to pull however many missions you want from an agent.

There are a few things that determine which missions an agent gives (at least for empire based corps, might be an extra factor for pirate missions)

  1. General missions, all agents give these, most of the anti drone or merc missions
  2. The region you are in, the SoE agent in lanngisi gives blockade vs angels, the one in apanake gives blockade vs Blood Raiders, these typically change to feature the local belt rats.
  3. The faction you are running missions for. Sticking with SoE you get some anti amarr missions. Running for caldari or amarr agents you get enemies abound.

Seconding Chainsaw’s post, except I think that that the faction you run missions for has a higher impact than the space you are in (although both count). For instance I run missions for a Gallente agent in Amarr space. I get a ton of anti-Amarr/Caldari missions but never any anti-Minmatar or Gallente missions.

If I had to draw a line in the sand I would say that Agent faction has more of an impact about which other Empire faction missions you get, and the space you are in has more of an impact about which other pirate missions you get. But it is difficult to know for certain without logging all mission offers (which I do not).

[edit] i seem to recall from somewhere that every agent only has a certain pool of missions that you may possibly get offered. That may fit in with what I had said above, or it may not.


Yeah, the agent mission pool has a shallow end and a deep end.

The shallow end has missions that pay a lower reward verses the deep end which has missions that pay higher rewards. When you first start doing missions with an agent, he’ll offer missions from the shallow end of the pool. After you gain standing with the agent, over time he’ll start to offer you missions from the deep end of the pool.

And as your standing goes up, the agent will offer you more and more missions like the ones you’ve previously accepted and completed.


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