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Hi all, i’m a returning player and after the tutorial (nice one) and career exploration agent missions i am a bit confused. I can’t find a normal agent that give me exploration missions. it’s normal? if so that mean that exploration is an activity without missions? after a bit of research with agent finder i have another doubt regerding “storyline” agents: they say that i need a referral in order to get mission from them (from another agent i presume), but if exploration career has not a dedicated agent how can i get this referral?

i’ve seen a tutorial video talking about “opportunities” but i can’t find it in the game’s menus

last question: what is “discovery project” ?

sorry for all this questions but is a huge game :slight_smile:

tnx all and flysafe

(Corwin Dnari) #2

Mission agents will be in one of three groups: Security, Distribution, and Mining. Security missions will generally involve PvE combat. Distribution missions will generally involve hauling stuff from point A to point B. Mining missions will generally involve mining. AFAIK, no agents give specifically exploration missions.

Storyline agents will, after you complete 16 regular missions (any type above) for the same corporation at the same level, give you a special “storyline” mission that will give you enhanced standing increases with the appropriate faction, as well as an implant or some other good loot. After you complete this mission, they will not give you another until you complete 16 more missions (same criteria as above). More information here and here. I think, but am not certain, that as a returning player you can access opportunities in game via the help page (press f12).

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Many thanks Corwin, now i understand better what to do next.
I think that some asteroids are waiting for me out there :smile:

p.s. i have checked your links and you are right, new chars after 2016 no longer have access to opportunities map tnx for the info

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Yep. There are exploration sites all over the place, you don’t need an agent to hunt those down. The career agent is basically just a tutorial on how to use the exploration tools. Rest is up to you.

And, as always in EVE, the more dangerous the area you are in, the better the rewards. If you’re doing exploration in high-sec, the rewards will be relatively small. You’re eventually going to want to get into wormhole space or null-sec to get decent rewards. - Those are areas where other players will be actively hunting you, so look out :slight_smile:

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roger that :sunglasses: btw i think that wormholes and nullsec will are waiting for me for a while…i’m taking eve slow and i enjoing it :slight_smile:

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As Corwin noted there are no such thing as “exploration” agents in EvE, and you basic assessment is correct exploration is something you just get out and do.

This link will help you answer the question about what project discovery is.
Exoplanets and project discovery.

Actually there are 4 “divisions” for agents in this game, the one Corwin missed is R&D. EvE Agents is a good place to look for agents in this game.

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Well, there are storylines in Eve which send you from mission to mission like the Sisters of EvE Epic Arc. These agents only give you missions if their predecessor sends you to them.
You may have a look at Arnon, Sisters of Eve Bureau, Sister Alitura.

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Many thanks Donnachadh and Boldly for all the info’s now i can see that is better to delay explorations activities at a later stages of my gameplay for now i will stick a while with agents.

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