An ungodly amount of grind, even with Social skill maxed out (other skills in social category do not help with broker fee as it uses raw/unmodified standing for calculations), especially if you dont want to hurt your standings with other factions.

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I ran SoE and lvl4 epic arc for the faction every 3 months, and blitz lvl3 sec missions for corp standing in a Svipul/Machariel (skip the storylines, if you want to keep your status with opposing factions).

… and do it now and don’t forget to consume the Potency 75% booster while doing so (they will cease to work first week of October). The booster let’s you also decline missions without penalty.

… BUT there is only one relevant trade hub in highsec … Jita … maybe Amarr, but I wouldn’t bother with anything else.

@Ms_Steak - you’ve confirmed my fears lol

@Tipa_Riot - yeah but Jita is far from me and im being hit with over 10% tax atm, i need to reduce it a little at least i think.

Train Accounting skill (unless you are an Alpha) and Broker relations (limited to level 2 for alphas). Both are in Trade skills category.


You should contact @DeMichael_Crimson who has a lot of knowledge in this area


Well, I don’t know why Uniwiki states that but you’ll definitely make a lot more standing than that.

I suggest you first check out ‘The Plan’. Over the years it has helped lot’s of Capsuleers repair negative standings as well as boost positive standings.

That first thread you linked, !0 Standing, was just some basic info. A little later more info was posted in this thread, Cosmos Mission Diminishing Returns.

Those 3 threads should answer most of your questions. They’ll definitely give you plenty of info for gaining High Faction standings.


By the way, despite what others may say, it won’t take very long to get really high standings with 1 Faction and it’s ally.

However if you follow the basic steps laid out in ‘The Plan’, you’ll be able to conduct your business in all areas of High Sec…


Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson ill check out that other link you posted above and give it a go on 1 character and see where I end up.

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I keep on seeing circle agents mentioned, but any info I try and find seems to be dead, are they still a things.

Also with COSMOS agents should I get my corp/faction standing to a certain level before doing them? I assume doing all level 1, then all level 2 of those missions is the way to go?

Cosmos agents have standing requirements. Different agents require different standings.

Here is a good list of caldari cosmos agents.

Be aware a lot of stuff required to complete the missions are in specialized public pockets that are run by others. Depending on the type of item, it may be cheaper and faster just to buy off the market or contracts.

Yeah i was looking into that link, I like the shopping list that helps list what you need

Yeah I did the cosmos agents a long time ago when I wanted standings, I’m at caldari 9.0 standings or something.

Be careful, some people actually farm the items non stop and put it on the contracts to make isk, you have to balance the cost they are selling it at, with the effort and time of having to wait days, to see the site respawn and run them. Most items I was able to farm. There was one though where a guy basically farms it as soon as the site is up and takes the loot

I am hoping with less people in game now that cosmos farming isnt a thing so much anymore, i am probably greatly mistaken though

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It’s been a while since I did cosmos but it’s still a popular way to increase standings because it’s so easy.

But the drawback is you can do it only once in a EvE life … correct?

Eve life, yes. But we are immortal capsuleers with the ability to jump bodies and possibly even have sex with ourselves.

Therefore we are neither virgins nor restricted to a single convo with a cosmos agent.

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Well if you insist.

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You did say it was a slow morning on another thread…


Gotta find something to do lol

1 - complete career agents
2- complete the 3 minmatar faction tag missions
3- run SOE epic ark
4- go the the minmatar cosmos region and do the missions around that (mostly around HEK) there are some resources you can find on the interwebz for this. i would suggest that you pre-prepare for each mission as if you miss the mission custom off (let it expire) you will be locked out of the rest.
5- by half way through the COSMOS missions you will be 4.0 and be-able to run the minmatar Epic ark.