Standing mechanics need to change

this is boring, extremely … the only reason i’m doing this is because i’ve been playing for over ten years: already know the payout i’ll get off it in a few days and whatever, i’m passionate about the game regardless. Tho, as a player who enjoys being deployed in mulitple regions and roaming around eve map from time to time, the corp standings and especially the faction standings mechanics are the only things keeping me from playing some FW or running lvl 5 missions, as I don’t see fit the idea of committing a toon for it.

I really hope someday there will be:

  • A repeatable and efficient way to repair factions stadings without paying several billions for it. 51 missions for a +0.9ish or running an infinite amount of lvl 1s is a nonsense.
  • A tag mechanic to boost corp standings.

Also… how about having missions LP and ISK payout calculated dynamically according to the Bounty Risk Modifier of the system the agent is located in?

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So the only repeatable is the epic arcs.

You can also do the one time only COSMOS, as well as career agents

To quickly boost Faction Standings, check out ‘The Plan’…

No. We don’t need even more “repeatable” and “efficient ways” to do xyz. Actions have consequences. Sometimes bitter conequences that need a long time, a lot of effort or some big money to undo them. As it should be. You have a one-time option to repair faction standings quickly with tags already in case you messed up faction standings when you were young and didnt’ know better.

If you messed up standings with an empire so badly that they won’t give you missions any more, try your luck at their allies or hire someone who is at good terms with them to share his rewards with you until they are willing to talk to you again.


I told many other OPs posting about mission related stuff.

The entire system needs to be gutted and overhauled. Standings and missions because they are connected. CCP won’t touch this area of the game as it will probably break it.

Yah you would not want to have a mission running alt that also does FW…

Hardly infinite numbers of L1s. Just do the right L1s and it goes much quicker. For instance, if you needed to repair your Gallente and Minmatar standing, just run L1 distros for Poteque in Kor-Azor region. They have the normal mission agent and a storyline agent in the same station, which boosts standings very efficiently.

Besides, is your name a parody to your own behaviors and actions? Sounds like you really don’t like Chaos and Mayhem…


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