(DeMichael Crimson) #21

Well, you’re very close so it shouldn’t take long to access high level Serpentis Agents. Hope you have good luck and much success.

By the way, the level 3 Angel Epic Arc has 3 different starting Agents, 2 are Empire Factions (Minmatar and Amarr) and 1 is Angel. To access the arc, the Corporation or Faction needs to be above +3.00 standing (+3.01 or higher). If using Corporation standing for access, the Faction of the starting Agent must be above -2.00 standing (-1.99 or higher).

Agent = Aton Hordner 
Agent Level = 3 
Corporation = Republic Security Services 
Faction = Minmatar Republic 
Location = Egbinger system 

Agent = Arajna Ashia 
Agent Level = 3 
Corporation = Amarr Navy 
Faction = Amarr Empire 
Location = Sendaya system 

Agent = Ellar Stin 
Agent Level = 3 
Corporation = Dominations 
Faction = Angel Cartel 
Location = Konora system

(DeMichael Crimson) #22

OK, figure I should post my stats so other players can get an idea of the results that can be achieved. I’ve completed all Empire Agents - Career, Circle, Data Center, Cosmos and the old Tutorial Agents (wrongly named, now retired) who offered ‘The Endless Battle’ missions. Along with that the Epic Arc missions were also completed multiple times. All Social skills are at Level 5.

So having said that, here are my current standings showing modified with Level 5 Connections or Diplomacy skills and unmodified (Base) standings.

High Sec Empire Standings - Modified (Base):
Amarr Empire +7.60 (+7.00)
Ammatar Mandate +4.04 (+2.56)
Caldari State +7.43 (+6.33)
Concord Assembly +2.56 (+0.70)
Gallente Federation +7.58 (+6.98)
Khanid Kingdom +5.27 (+4.09)
Minmatar Republic +7.66 (+7.08)
The Interbus +5.21 (+4.01)

Other Factions - Modified (Base):
Jove Empire +3.73 (+2.16)
Mordu’s Legion Command +4.18 (+2.72)
ORE +3.56 (+1.95)
Servant Sisters Of Eve +8.54 (+8.17)
The Society Of Conscious Thought +3.72 (+2.15)

Angel Cartel -6.00 (-10.00)
Blood Raider Covenant -5.98 (-9.98)
Guristas Pirates -5.91 (-9.89)
Sansha’s Nation -6.00 (-10.00)
Serpentis -6.00 (-10.00)
The Syndicate -4.92 (-8.65)
Thukker Tribe -0.55 (-3.19)

I can easily gain positive standings with Angel and Guristas via the Level 3 Epic Arcs. Sansha and The Syndicate can be raised via the alternate endings for the Level 4 Amarr and Gallente Epic Arcs. Raising Thukker Tribe standings would negatively affect all Faction standings except Minmatar. However since I already had high standings with Thukker when I first started working ‘The Plan’, it shouldn’t take much to make them positive again and maintain positive standings with all Factions that are currently positive. That was actually my initial goal when I first created ‘The Plan’. Achieving that goal will just take time.

I could even raise Blood Raiders and Serpentis Factions but that would negatively impact my positive standings and to accomplish that, very high standings would be needed to act as a buffer. Course in the process of doing that Concord would become negative and since Concord controls high sec systems, I definitely don’t want to do that.

So in order to maintain safe passage in all high sec systems, Blood Raiders and Serpentis will have to remain negative. Over time all other Factions can be made positive. Depending on just how much negative effect raising Thukker Tribe has on my Concord Faction standing, Thukker just might have to be excluded too.

(elitatwo) #23

Oh nice work!!!

I should look into doing the level 3 arcs, since I have never heard about them nor run any of them. Maybe I can repair my Gallente standing after all.

(DeMichael Crimson) #24

The Epic Arcs involve a lot of travel and many of the missions can be accepted / completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire and each arc can be repeated every 90 days.

I helped create, edit and also used the Epic Arc guides in Eve Survival Mission Reports to complete those missions. The comments section at the bottom of each page usually has extra intel and tips to help complete those missions.

Level 4 Epic Arcs:
Amarr - alternate ending for Sansha
Gallente - alternate ending for The Syndicate
(High Security with some Low and Null Security locations)
(Battleship, Command Ship, T3 Cruiser, Heavy Assault Cruiser, etc)

Level 3 Epic Arcs:
(Null Security with some Low Security locations)
(Destroyer, Assault Frigate, Interceptor, etc.)

Level 1 Epic Arc:
Servant Sisters Of Eve - 4 ending choices = Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar
(High Security locations in each Factions space)
(Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, etc)

(Guiliano Thellere) #25

How much impact does running all pirate COSMOS missions, plus the Level 3 and alternate ending Epic Arcs have (basically all non standard pirate missions) on positive Faction standings?

(Sebs Pride) #26

There are a bunch of lvl 1-2 and 4 security missions 2 jumps from Rens.
And 6 jumps for lvl 3s.

Watch out for the freedom fighter mission, it will require you to retreive slaves, which will drop your minmatar standing by 1.5 as its illegal.
So just decline that mission.

There is a station with two level 1 mission in the same station, letting you fly through them pretty fast

(DeMichael Crimson) #27

Wish I could give you a definite answer to your question. Unfortunately each of the Cosmos missions give different amounts of Faction standing increase which is then affected by the level of Social skill trained. Basically the amount of derived negative standing equals to half of the positive standing amount received.

The Epic Arcs don’t give any derived standings but players do incur a very small amount of negative standings for NPC ship kill.

Wish I could be more helpful.

(Sofring Eternus) #28

So just to make sure I’m reading this right:

I completed all of the 15 career agents for my faction with the lowest standing (Gallante)

Caldari is now my lowest faction standing, but I should stick with Gallante circle/cosmos agents? Or move to Caldari career agents?

Thanks in advance.

(DeMichael Crimson) #29

Hi, good question and thanks for posting. Without actually knowing your current standings all I can do is offer some generalized info.

At any given time, the main deciding factor is the amount of your current standings. Remember to always check your Faction standings while working the Event Agents.

Now when first starting, you’ll want to maintain the Factions above -5.00 standing for ease of travel in Empire space. As you work the Event Agents and move up in levels, that base amount will change. Meaning after completing all of the level 1 Event Agents for all Factions, that amount will become +1.00 Faction standing in order to have access to all Factions level 2 Event Agents. When you start working the level 3 Event Agents, you’ll want to maintain a base amount of +3.00 standing with the main Empire Factions. +5.00 standing would be the base amount of the main Empire Factions for access to the level 4 Event Agents.

As you’re working the Event Agents, you may have to stop half way through one Factions set of Event Agents and ‘Bounce’ over to another Faction to maintain access. The Faction standings will do a ‘See-Saw’ while working ‘The Plan’. Just keep watch on the standings and bounce between the Factions whenever needed until all of the Event Agent missions for that level have been completed.

So you stated you’ve completed all 15 Gallente Career Agents. Let’s say for example your Caldari Faction standing has now dropped close to -5.00 standing. In order to maintain travel in Empire space, you’ll want to ‘Bounce’ over to Caldari and complete their Career Agents.

However let’s say your Caldari Faction is actually just above -2.00 standing, since it’s still way above -5.00 standing you can continue working the level 1 Gallente Event Agents and still have access to Caldari space and their level 1 Event Agents afterwards.

Eventually when the four main Empire Factions are close to having equal standings, you can then just do a ‘Round Robin’ cycle, alternating through each opposing Faction. For example first Amarr then Minmatar, followed by Caldari then Gallente, etc, etc.

I hope that helps, good luck and may you have much success.

(Kalpel) #30

" The Plan " should be that CCP gives us the ability to collect " Dog Tags " just like they do for criminals -10.0 to 0.0 instantly to fix standings with Concord, we need the same to fix Faction Standings instantly

(DeMichael Crimson) #31

Well, it’s all about consequences for actions taken.

CCP has already implemented way too many options for ‘Instant Gratification’ in this game. Since it took time to incur those negative standings, it’s only right that it takes time to repair them as well.

Be that as it may, ‘The Plan’ is still the quickest and easiest way to repair negative Faction standings.

(Kalpel) #32

You missed my point! The post was about fairness in the game, PvP criminals can instantly fix standing, PvE needs the same!

“The Plan” works and nobody is arguing that, but CCP needs to be fair with both types of play styles

(DeMichael Crimson) #33

Oh don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like the ‘Tags for Security’ game mechanic when CCP first introduced it into the game and I still don’t like it.

Personally I think CCP should have enacted a ‘3 Strike Rule’ for characters that go below -5.00 Security multiple times and brand them as Pirates with KoS status.

(Guiliano Thellere) #34

Unless i’ve missed someone else update, the Level 2 Minmatar mission in Uriok with agent Nafrid Sharum now give’s the mission “Information at a Cost”, not the one stated in the original plan. You now have to hand in 1 Angel Simple Trigger Mechanism found in the Contested Minmatar Army Complex in Traun.

Improve Standings
(DeMichael Crimson) #35

Hello and thanks for posting.

I don’t know what mission you’re referring to that’s stated in the original plan. I do know that some of the Cosmos Agents don’t give Faction standing increase and if you’re following ‘The Plan’, that info is included in it:

While working the Cosmos Agents, try to work only 1 Agent at a time if possible. If offered a 1 part mission that doesn’t list Important Storyline (Yellow Text) in the Mission Journal, decline it. All Event Agent missions will be listed as ‘Storyline’ even if it doesn’t give Faction standing increase. Usually the last part of the multi part mission offers will be the Important Storyline (Faction standing increase). The mission offer can stay active in your Mission Journal without accepting it for 7 days. That will allow time to get the mission item first before having to accept the mission offer. Do that whenever possible. (Check Mission Journal after completing the 1st mission to view the next part offered in the mission series.) Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. Some of these missions are really tough.

The Cosmos link in ‘The Plan’ has information listed for all Cosmos Agents including if they give Faction standing increase.


The Agent you’re referring to is Amarr who is located in the Minmatar Cosmos Constellation. He doesn’t give any Faction standing increase and no Storyline BPC.

(Chan'aar) #36

Thats exactly what he is.

(Guiliano Thellere) #37

Not a Faction Standings Mission, no. Just an update to some of the outdated/wrong info in the OP :wink:

(DeMichael Crimson) #38

Yeah, it’s not a Faction standing mission, you can just bypass those.

Umm, what info are you talking about?

(Beast of Revelations) #39

I am pleased to announce that @DeMichael_Crimson 's plan worked perfectly for me. I was -5.7 with a faction, followed this plan, and within a short period of time I actually acquired positive faction standings, even though I just needed above -2.

Thanks DeMichael.

Managing Standings
(Guiliano Thellere) #40

Has anyone run the lowsec missions in Audesder or Kenobonala? I’ve read they have a “FW” basis and so i’m assuming fighting Amarr/Minmatar NPC’s. What sort of negative standings are received for the opposing factions?