(DeMichael Crimson) #41

Hi, I did most of the Agents in both Amarr and Minmatar Low Sec Cosmos Constellations a long time ago. You have to see a ‘Recruiter’ Agent first and complete his mission to gain access to the top Agent in each low sec Cosmos Constellation. The ‘Recruiter’ Agents basically send you to a Training site within the system and when completed, give you a Voucher to access the top Agent. They offer a single mission with no Faction standing loss for killing the NPC’s in the Training site.

The missions in both low sec Cosmos Constellations are basically the same, there’s one level 3 Agent (no Faction standing increase, no BPC) and four level 4 ‘Recruiter’ Agents (Faction standing increase, gives Voucher) with one top Cosmos Agent at each site.

Having said that, I didn’t bother doing the top Cosmos Agents:
Audesder System, Minmatar, Ison Tiadala (Warlord)
Kenobanala System, Amarr, Minas Iksan (Central Control Tower)

They offer a multiple mission series (about 8 missions or so) and according to the info I got there’s Faction standing loss for killing Faction NPC ships. For rewards they don’t give any Storyline Blueprints, Modules, Munitions or Implants, just ISK and the Faction standing increase which is only gained after completing the last mission in their series. That’s mainly why I didn’t do those 2 top Agents.

As for the Faction standing gain and loss, I did a Minmatar ‘Recruiter’ Agent mission and before turning in that mission as completed, went and did an Amar ‘Recruiter’ Agent mission, then turned them both in as completed. That allowed me to keep standings equalized so I could continue accessing the rest of the ‘Recruiter’ Agents.

Hope that helps and good luck to you.

(Fortunatolio) #42

I found that, after running three Data Center ‘Graduation Certificate’ missions (and obtaining three signed Graduation certifications):

  • All three certificates specified the same agent to process it
  • That agent gave me a 5-mission arc (that wrapped a separate 5-mission arc)
  • After successfully completing it, the agent would not accept the other two signed certificates. (I have no jobs available for you)

Is this expected? Does this match anyone else’s experience?

(DeMichael Crimson) #43

Hello Fortunatollo,

Yes, that’s exactly how they work. In fact most Event Agents can only be accessed once in the life of the character.

Even though only 1 ‘Signed’ Cert is needed to access that Agent, the main reason for getting all 3 Certs is that Faction Standing increase is gained for completing each of those Data Center ‘Cert’ missions. The amount of standing gained may be small but the increase itself is actually very large for characters with low standings.

Hope this helps and thanks for posting.

(Fortunatolio) #44

Thanks for the fast and informative response.

I’ve been recording my standings gain for the four main factions after each arc. Perhaps I’ll share my results as I progress if that would be interesting for anyone.

(DeMichael Crimson) #45

Yeah, that would be great. I look forward to it.

Posting your results will show other players that ‘The Plan’ actually does work.

Thanks again and may you have much success and good luck.

(Anderson Geten) #46

remember that the "standing " window is bugged. Look at standing, make mission for that agent/corp/faction and look at standing again : your “previous” standing is incorrect.

(Guiliano Thellere) #47

The new standings boosters will make running parts of this interesting…

(DeMichael Crimson) #48

Yeah, I think they would work best for completing Epic Arcs, mainly Pirate Faction arcs.

All other Event Agent missions have derived standings, both positive and negative. Definitely don’t want a boost to negative derived standings.

(Anderson Geten) #49

I think it only affects positive gain, like social skill.