Question about agent reputation

Hello, been playing on and off (mostly off) for years, and while I used to run missions frequently, I am JUST now getting into anomic/burners, and I have a nagging question about agent reputation since I am now declining missions a bit more frequently

all the googling/eveuni searching i have done focuses on faction rep as a whole, and only points out that you need to keep agent/corp rep over -2

my question is: if I happen to push a specific agent (not the faction) under -2, is there any way to recover from that or am I just locked out from doing missions for that specific agent forever?

I ask because after getting my burner ship set up, I was excited to run some, and declined quite a few missions in favor of anomics, and the agent I use dropped to something like -0.7 from a starting point of somewhere around 6 or seven, before I thought to look at her rep (got really unlucky and it just didn’t want to give me very many burners lol)

Faction rep is still over 7, and it didn’t take much to recover back to positive 2 with the agent, but I am a little worried that I might accidentally decline one too many missions, and would like to know just how careful I need to be, as I don’t really want to move to a different agent

You can always pair with someone to gain standings back if that happens. I work for the premiere standing service and you shouldnt be declining so much that your agent goes negative, even though they are also the easiest to raise. Best thing to do is find a pocket with several L4 agents around so you arent just mass declining from one agent

Oh wow, didn’t expect such a fast reply!

I don’t plan on declining THAT many missions in the future as I do quite enjoy running my rattlesnake as well, but I was excited to try my new ship and so got hyper focused on ONLY anomics for a couple hours lol.

good to know I’m not completely screwed though if I do make that mistake, thank you!

Also make sure your social skills are trained up. Diplomacy, connections and social

those have been maxed for years lol, thank you again though

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If you ever find yourself in trouble, you can reach out to us at USIA and we can help you out

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