Returning player,Question about mission running

Came back after long time,
I remember I was doing level 4 Caldari missions.
Those missions if I’m not mistaken led for me having a negative Gallante and minmatter ratings.
My question is:
If I run level 4 Caldari will that hurt my Gallante\minmater ratings or is there a way to avoid that?
Should I run Security missions now for Gallante and or Minmater to raise their ratings except doing career agents?Will that hurt my Caldari ratings? Is there a way to avoid that while raising Galante and Minmater ratings?

you lose gal/min faction standing when you

  1. gain derivable faction for opponents (eg caldari), typically from storyline
  2. attack their ship, typically from empire mission (eg from caldari)

You can also run the SoE arc and increase standings that way.

Don’t do storyline missions or any regular ones where you’re attacking them. If you only choose pirate missions and ignore storylines, you shouldn’t suffer a decrease to the others. Train up your social skills though. They help in that regard significantly.

Eve University’s website is a great source of information on missions. Just type in the name of the mission into the search box and select the faction you’re fighting. You can tell by the icon next to the yellow dot. If there is no icon it may be drones or something else.

There’s classic eve-survival too

My skilled are trained but nerfed as I only have Alpha so cant even use the skills Im trained in.

As Alpha you can no longer run L4 missions anyway.

The Idea of the thread wasn’t about how to run L4,5 missions anyway only in part,but to negate Negative standings so Gallante stop shooting at me when I enter their space ,so I could participate in other activities not Faction related peacefully.

You only mentioned L4 mission running in your post, several times actually, so just provided a useful bit of related info in case you are not aware of it. Others already answered the standings related part of your question anyway so was nothing I could add related to that part.

It is worth noting that derived standings will only decay (or rise, in case of allied factions) to the standing between the two factions. That means that for the four highsec empires standings will arrest at exactly -5 with the main enemy empire of the faction you are flying for, in your case the Gallente Federation.

This also means that Gallente standing is the easiest to repair, provided one is able to fly L4 missions for the Sisters of Eve. The SoE and Gallente Federation love each other, so completing storylines for the Sisters will rather rapidly raise Gallente standings as well (while not hurting standings with Amarr and Caldari). Then once Gallente standings are fixed, Minmatar standings can be repaired by flying missions for the Gallente.

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