Faction standing (all 4 major factions)

Hello. I wanted to ask if there is any way I can increase the standing on 5+ with all 4 major factions (Caldari, Galente, Minmatar, Amar) ? Storyline only increases standing in one faction while decreasing it on the other. Is there any way I can raise with these, and even other factions, standind without losing another faction ?

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Yes there is but be prepared to do a lot of missions.

The fastest and easiest way to do that is to work ‘The Plan’.

according to this plan, can I increase all factions?

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Yes, it will increase all Empire Faction standings

ok, thank you very much

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It’s a plan that can be customized to your specific situation, if your standings are all pretty much equal near neutral standing, all you have to do is just bounce to each Faction working the Agents listed in ‘The Plan’.

Last I saw DMC had something like 7+ to the 4 main empire factions.

My personal view is it’s better to just go for it with one or two factions and not worry about it.

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These are my current standings, showing modified with Level 5 Connections or Diplomacy and unmodified (Base) standings.

High Sec Empire Standings - Modified (Base):
Amarr Empire +7.60 (+7.00)
Ammatar Mandate +4.04 (+2.56)
Caldari State +7.43 (+6.33)
Concord Assembly +2.56 (+0.70)
Gallente Federation +7.58 (+6.98)
Khanid Kingdom +5.27 (+4.09)
Minmatar Republic +7.66 (+7.08)
The Interbus +5.21 (+4.01)

Other Factions - Modified (Base):
Jove Empire +3.73 (+2.16)
Mordu’s Legion Command +4.18 (+2.72)
ORE +3.56 (+1.95)
Servant Sisters Of Eve +8.54 (+8.17)
The Society Of Conscious Thought +3.72 (+2.15)

Angel Cartel -6.00 (-10.00)
Blood Raider Covenant -5.98 (-9.98)
Guristas Pirates -5.91 (-9.89)
Sansha’s Nation -6.00 (-10.00)
Serpentis -6.00 (-10.00)
The Syndicate -4.92 (-8.65)
Thukker Tribe -0.55 (-3.19)

I can easily gain positive standings with Angel and Guristas via the Level 3 Epic Arcs. Sansha and The Syndicate can be raised via the alternate endings of Amarr and Gallente Level 4 Epic Arcs. That will maintain my standings with all the current positive Factions. Raising Thukker Tribe would negatively affect all Faction standings except Minmatar. However since I originally had very high standings with Thukker when I first started working ‘The Plan’, it won’t take much for me to get them positive again. That was actually my initial goal when I first created ‘The Plan’. Accomplishing that goal will just take time.

I could even raise Blood Raiders and Serpentis Factions but doing that would incur a large negative impact on my standings so I’d need to get my positive standings even higher to act as a buffer. However in the process of doing that Concord would become negative. Since Concord controls high sec systems I definitely don’t want to do that.

So in order to maintain safe passage in all high sec systems, Blood Raiders and Serpentis would have to remain negative. All other Factions can be made positive.


The Empire and Pirate factions are linked, by the way. You can see this if you show info on an empire and look at its Standings tab.

Caldari State likes Amarr Empire at +5 (the range is -10 to +10).
Caldari State hates Gallente Federation at -5.
Caldari State hates Minmatar Republic at -2.

So if you do missions for Caldari State agents, you’ll gain 100% of the actual points awarded by the mission towards your standings with Caldari State. But also you will lose 50% of the points awarded towards Gallente Federation, 20% of the points towards Minmatar Republic, and gain 50% towards Amarr Empire.

The percents are modified by how far you are from the limits (how far you are from +10, for gains, and from -10 for losses). So ultimately if you do 1 mission for Caldari and 1 mission for Gallente, and keep alternating between enemies like that, you’ll reach an equilibrium at some +6 with both, but it will take a LOONG time.

The PLAN is the most efficient way to gain standings and balance the losses with the gains.

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Interesting didn’t know that you could gain pirate standings from the lv4 epic arcs. I knew you could raise angel and gurista standings with the lv3 epic arcs

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Yeah, I should edit the post to say Angel and Guristas with Level 3 arcs. Sansha and Syndicate with alternate endings on the level 4 arcs.

Amarr alternate ending is for Sansha.
Gallente alternate ending is for The Syndicate.

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