EVE Online Guide: Combat Anomalies (highsec)

Part 1 of a small 2-part series on combat exploration in Highsec.
This first part covers combat anomalies, which ones to run for escalations and which anomalies provide which escalations.


Great guide.

I started playing a few weeks ago, started with mining and missions but disliked both. Learned about anomalies and been doing those but they didn’t pay that much, the escalation and drop chance were SO low and all it really did was eat up my ammo while getting a bit of bounty.

Once I learned what those escalations really are and that you can actually scan for them yourself I created my “real” character, this one, and have been doing them in an Arbitrator doing both Sansha and Blood Raider DED and Unrated sites. I now make several 100 million a day, on average, in high sec space and it’s getting better the more I learn and skill up.

Now that I have more knowledge and experience I completely stopped bothering with anomalies, compared to using your time to scan yourself they just seem a waste of time.

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Next vid is all about scanning for combat signatures :smile:

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